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The spray bottle pump is really easy to use and comfortable to hold in my hand. Because we all deserve it. A smear of caulk on a slice of bread is all you need! Fake pickles, now that's comedy! White cotton string is where my mind always goes first, but it is wound, which gives it an odd texture.

This worked pretty well. I just slice up fake tomatoes and paint the foam insides to look like tomato insides. Jamison loved the sandwich, and carried it with him all night.

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It is a liquid tan that you mist onto the skin and leave to develop for an hour before washing it off to reveal a gorgeous tan that looks just as good as a tan that you've left to develop overnight for six to eight hours. For years I've been very loyal to my St.

I made the basic shape of a pickle slice out of a little puddle of hot glue. These are hot glue, through and through. The kit comes with everything that you need in order to apply the tan so after you've affixed the spray separated and dating to the bottle of tan, pop on your reusable gloves.

I owe some credit on this one- Angie Zylla, our then intern, suggested this technique to me. These are great as they're quite thick so they're great quality and they're an accurate fit for the female hand.

However, I have to go to the gym at 5am. The lotion is suitable for all skin types and tones. Adhesives are wonderful, but let's cover all our bases!

There's no unpleasant smell, but it's simply an effective sunless tanning lotion perfect for anyone who wants to tan without spending time in the sun. To apply this product, simply spray or pour it onto the velour application mitt and spread mobilflirter fake bake even coat over your face.

Preparation for applying this tan is the same with any false tan- shave and exfoliate at least 24 hours before application and apply an oil free moisturisers to especially dry areas before use. I love using this because the skin on my body isn't dry and when I use the lotions, it takes forever to dry.

This one is easy, too! Honestly, I don't know what it is, or where it came from, but I made it into a little nest and coated it with flex glue. For a spray it isn't too messy either.

You can find this brand at Ulta. I threaded clear monofilament fishing line through the entire sandwich for extra stability.

In fact, get some books, you weirdo, kids don't want to read about fake food. It worked like a charm! This one was kind of a gimmie.

This was a fun first.

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The colour that it leaves, as can be seen below, is very close to the colour that the tan actually develops into when left on the skin for an hour. The assembly took a bit of planning as well, because I wanted all of the ingredients to be visible.

Once that was dry, I coated the white side of the foam with spray adhesive and rolled it up. You could keep the screw cap but the pump is very secure and has its own lid which doesn't leak so I don't find this necessary.

You spray the product directly on the application mitt and you rub in circles one area at a time until you are confident that it is blended out evenly. This amazing sandwich was a request from Jamison, who wanted to go as Dagwood Bumstead for Halloween.

With yogurt or sour cream, you would still get a tang and most importantly, a moist richness. So, I know you're all wondering how the night went, I know I sure did. Also, I wanted to capture the cartoony nature of the sandwich, so I didn't try for super-realistic food.


Once they were dry, I used a heat gun to gently curl the edges of the lettuce. I really liked this technique for this project. The ingredients include DHA, BMI, and erythulose, all synthetic ingredients that promote a better, deeper, more even tan.

I lucked out in finding micro foam that already had some ridges on it.

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I'm absolutely over the moon with this tan. It does dry very fast. These eggs are made from one of my favorite food prop materials, Acrylic Latex Caulk. I knew that I wanted to use some sort of string and white glue to create the pile of noodles.

It can be sprayed from almost any angle although I find spraying it upside down a little tricky and instead prefer to spray the tan onto the mitt first and then rub the mitt onto my skin. I also found that the tan didn't really cling to dry areas of my body like my wrists where I have psoriasis which is great as tans that cling are a giveaway that my glow is faux!

I'm pretty proud of these guys, if I do say so myself. However, I just have to be more careful next time because I much prefer dressing right away than to stand there in the bathroom in a Hulk stance staring at myself waiting for the stuff to dry. Naturally, I have to take another shower when I get home.

This is great as it can often be a bit of a hassle having to use a separate facial tanner, plus this runs the risk of the two tans being different shades. It smells mildly fruity upon application and after it has dried down it doesn't really have a scent, even as it develops. I'm not sure of the source on this, but I'm guessing that Chic Young drew it.

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The micro foam has a good color and translucency that reminds me of onions. One thing that I really love about this tan is that it doesn't transfer onto my clothes or bed sheets.

Have a perfectly yellow banana but want to make this? Special thanks to Jamison for this one- I had such a fun time making this project, and I'm glad you enjoyed the final product. The product does have a dark tint to it which makes it easy to see.

Guys, I'm not gonna lie, I had so much fun making this sandwich! Another one I've done before.

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Why apply a tan, sleep in it, staining my sheets then washing it off in the morning before a night out, only to wash again before I get ready when I can just apply it an hour before I need to do my hair and make up?!

I'm just used to lotions which allows for more time to blend and set. Another thing that is important to note is that this false tan doesn't have that signature fake tan smell of biscuits mixed with sugar puffs.

You really do want your bananas to have a mostly brown peel and a mushy texture, you shouldn't have to work hard at all to mash it. However, I got about two shades darker with just my initial application! Sorry it's been so long since I've posted.