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Maybe you should get on that snowmobile and keep riding! One set includes a rod, lure, worms and an ice drill. When you crashed on the snowmobile Fox 3, stay with the snowmobiles. Maybe we find some snowmobiles to make runs.

Extra gasoline can be bought from us. We recommend that you combine the rent of the snow mobile with a three hours guided ice fishing trip. Just let me go see what I can do with the snowmobile. The driving license has to be shown when picking up the snow mobile.

Please see outdoor activities or gry na 3 osoby online dating more from our sales: Make sure those snowmobiles go to starboard Hangar Moottorikelkan nostingshookups Let's get in the snowmobile and go to Sidewinder.

No, he'd never make it that far on a snowmobile. Two helmets and a sledge are part of the equipment. The sledge is excellent for transporting the fishing equipment, your fish catch and your bag with moottorikelkan nostingshookups lunch.

The snow mobile shall be picked up from, and have to be returned to, the same place where you pick up the keys to all rental houses by Lake Soukkio.

Moottorikelkan vuokraus

Lake Soukkio is rich in pike and perch, and is thus a great lake for fishing, also in wintertime when ice is covering the lake. Taipaleentie 60, Luusniemi Kangasniemi. There's one snowmobile working. I'm gonna go head off and try to meet up with our guide.


Mike, you don't know anything about snowmobiles. Moottorikelkan nostingshookups go check on the snowmobile and see if I can get some reception on my cell phone, okay? All family, but the renter and driver has to be at least 18 years old and has to have a valid driving license.

Moottorikelkan vuokraus 00 Rent a snowmobile for touring in the surroundings of and on the ice of Lake Soukkio. Drives pretty fast on that snowmobile.

I heard the snowmobile protesting. You don't want to take the other snowmobile?

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Please book the sets via email and reserve cash for payment when you pick up the snow mobile. Menen irrottamaan nuo moottorikelkat ja panen ne tuohon autoon.

He's gonna suit us up and supply us with snowmobiles and we're gonna head out. Sergio sanoo, ettei sinulla ole tarpeeksi moottorikelkkoja evakuointiin.

Everyone stick together until we get to the snowmobiles. Hey, do you have a snowmobile nearby? Pete, I need you to get onto the snowmobile right now.

I thought the snowmobile was broken. Kun ajoitte kolarin moottorikelkalla The snow mobile has a seat for two persons. You will get a map with the routes, camping places and the area where it is allowed to drive with the snow mobile.

A snow mobile is also an excellent vehicle when moving during your ice fishing trip. That's why we couldn't take the snowmobiles. When his snowmobile Slipped over the edge Throwing him into the icy Waters of anders creek.

Minimum duration is one day, that is 9 a. He's got a chainsaw and you got a snowmobile. Crazy question, you wouldn't have anybody knows how to fix a snowmobile?

Get him on the snowmobile. Look, I'm gonna go back to the snowmobile.


Put on his parka. Sergio says you don't have enough snowmobiles to evacuate. Siksi ei voitu ottaa moottorikelkkoja. Ajaa aika lujaa moottorikelkalla. Tie him from the back of the snowmobile. Satutko tuntemaan moottorikelkan korjaajaa? This rental offer is an opportunity to you who are staying at some of the rental cottages or villas by Lake Soukkio.

These you can use during all the period you have rented the snow mobile. The snow mobile is registered for max 2 people. The ice is too thin and snowmobiles would be too dangerous. The customer is liable for any damage of the equipment that might occur and has to compensate part of the damage with a deductible of maximum euros.

This neighborhood will be a lot safer without that snowmobile around. With a snow mobile you can easily move from your cottage shore to the fishing places around the lake.

This place is marked as a yellow pin on the map. In the surroundings of the lake there are also snow mobile routes to great camping places where you can for instance make grilled sausages and have a typical Finnish wintertime picnic.

I'll be out in a minute. When we hand out the snow mobile we give you proper guidance and a map.