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A box of capacitors 2: For sure 'Made in Germany' factors big with Mundorf. Thus Adrian Bankewitz who since became world famous for his Accuton ceramic and diamond drivers was my first real client at the very start of his own career when he teamed up with one of the leading speaker DIYers in Cologne Wouldn't you know it, the hifi world really is small.

That seems a bit of a stretch. Over time I managed to really drive down the price per ampere of current versus the competition. The respective material for our various cores is graded by low magnetic losses and high saturation resistance.

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How come Bankewitz wanted your coils? But rather than oversee production, he manages Asian distribution. Our Pro AMTs now perform at such a high level that broad-scale employment in sound reinforcement has become possible and hopefully will lead to a real step up in quality for that sector.

Highs are refine and not fatigue.

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By now we offer AMTs of nearly all sizes starting with extremely compact sorts for the car industry to an entire range for hifi applications to special versions for stage use where extreme SPL at very low distortion are key.

Holy tin - for minimal losses the choice of core material is vital. And that created further motivation for my business.

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Those withstand high voltages and thanks to their thin metalizing exhibit good self healing. I have to say it really smoothen out the music much better, I get better details and all the advantages.

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The market completely turned with the ascent of switch-mode power - and not necessarily for sonic reasons. In close collaboration with our German cap maker this was followed by others of consecutively improved specs.

Perhaps this perception is somewhat Germanic in that reviewers like to review domestic products and readers remember them better?

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My main issue is in the study room as I am using the Usher speaker which a lot of people will deem it relatively bright and thin sounding. With the Mcap Surpreme we pursue something else however. They exhibit a truly fabulous price-to-performance ratio. Saturation is the opposite.

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Below is a diagram that shows a typical installation of a V Panel. But the controller more or less worked as intended. The baked lacquer is a second lacquer layer around the wire's own dielectric lacquer.

Today the MCap Supreme has become what the zero-ohm coil was for us at the beginning — the product most associated with our brand.

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What must come next for us after our extensive research and development phase is the further industrialization of the actual production process of these advanced drivers. As is customary for our own articles, the writer's signature at review's end shows an e-mail address should you have questions or wish to send feedback.

We publish its English translation in a mutual syndication arrangement with the publishers. Air cores simply get impractically large when ohmic resistance eventually skyrockets with high inductive values.

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During the start of the 90s we began to distribute quality caps built to our specs. Since a given capacitance value relies on surface area, we have to make up the reduction of width in length, hence the larger diameter.

In practice that's most noticeable during quiet passages where the relationship between hysteresis losses and signal strength handicaps the latter.

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The winding machine's spindle 2: Give us a rough overview. Just so but remember that the best core is no core at all i.

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There we have three product families: Then one reverts to cores again. After reading just three hifi reviews, most will recognize the name. Yan Advaita works on an AMT foil which It occurs at high levels.

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Hysteresis refers to a certain magnetic 'memory' or trace when the external magnetic field goes away. I took on things like build a lighting controller for his space. What's in the near future for Mundorf — a further development of the AMT business?

So what's really going on with the 'zero-ohm' coil? With merely shrink wrap.