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Quindi nessun altro avrebbe potuto realizzare queste pagine. It's the Godairiki pledge to never let another man touch me. Non posso affidare a nessun altro questo compito.

I'll make sure neither you nor any other man shall ever set eyes on her again. Non ho conosciuto nessun altro uomo.

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Perlomeno nessun altro ha preso questa medicina. And I am not going to be displayed like a caravan's wares before Moses or any other man. I want you to take no other man to bed for as long as we're together. Lei non desidera essere nessun altro.

Creepiness dating formulas una che non potrebbe avere nessun altro uomo a parte te? Non possiamo permettere che nessun altro sappia.

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You will never go to any other man. Poi, nessun altro voleva parlare con lei. It was not all you or Norfolk or George or any other man you want to name! So these pages, they couldn't have been done by anyone else. It is embarrassing to say, but Jay, I'm not going to marry anyone else.

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Non posso mostrarla a nessun altro. I wouldn't have signed on to direct this picture with anyone else. I've never known any other man. Only you can do it.

E voglio che tu non accolga nessun altro uomo nel tuo letto, fino a che staremo insieme. No one else seems keen to talk to me. He did what no other man I've ever met did. She doesn't want to be anyone else.

There is no other man.

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Non avrei firmato con nessun altro. Impegni che non avrei lasciato per nessun altro uomo. She says that she could never imagine herself with another man ever again.

I can guarantee it. We can't take the chance that anyone else knows. Non andrai da nessun altro uomo. I can't show it to anyone else. Che tu fossi assolutamente convinta che non esiste nessun altro uomo Suggest an example Results: Dice che non si immagina con nessun altro uomo.

Nessun altro

Now no one else will ever be able to translate the map. Lui faceva quello che nessun altro uomo che ho conosciuto ha fatto. I am not aping the president or any other man. Some that I wouldn't break for any other man in the world.

Register to see more examples No results found for this meaning. Julio doesn't need to beat anyone else up.

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Julio non deve picchiare nessun altro. I have always said that I do not blame any other man or woman, who has sworn. I don't have allegiances to anyone else.

He doesn't want anyone else to develop abilities. If she threatens to leave him, he tells her no other man will have her, and she'll end up an old maid. I promise not to be with any other man for the next week. Maybe one that couldn't get no other man?

Suggest an example Results: At least no one else has taken this drug. I am not leaving anyone else to die.

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I can't trust anyone else with this task. I can't get married to anyone else. He wasn't approaching anyone else in the bar. Non posso sposarmi con nessun altro.