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He has a wife but now chooses to live separately from her and treat the doll as his real girlfriend instead. The Murder that Changed a Nation Murder is always an uncomfortable subject, but crimes driven by hate are even more troubling.

He represents a group of activists who are tattooing the forbidden symbol to reclaim the original meaning of the swastika.

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The journey really became a reality when Kanye released his debut album "The College Dropout" in when he was The Story of WikiLeaks, a documentary by Alex Gibney telling the story one of the most politically aggravating websites of all time, wikileaks.

This predatory fish has wiped out other native species to the lake and is commercially fished to be sold in Europe[ It was made for the 10th anniversary of the war. Jupiter Revealed, a new science documentary narrated by Toby Jones examing new information we have learnt about the planet Jupiter.

The following arabic girls for dating depict h[ The show begins by looking at the "mischievous" aspects of orchids, a trait noticed by Charles[ In this science documentary Hannah Fry looks at the grand order of size across the universe and why things are big and small.

South Africa has a turbulent history and it looks like extreme violence has not ended there, and could possibly turn genocidal in the near future.


The documentary features a number of prominent people including, Wood Harrelson, 50 Cent and Marshall Mathers as wel[ Jupiter is by far the largest planet in the solar system and could easily fit every other body orbiting the sun inside of it.

The undertone of this documentary highlights changing[ It is unclear exactly what the Nicki[ What You Eat Matters seeks to find solutions to the issues faced by Western society, such as obesity, cardio-vascular diseases, diabetes and cancer, by exploring dietary habits.

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Jones 1 Florian is not a Neonazi, but is fighting in the German Supreme Court for his right to display the swastika, which is illegal in Germany. Kanye West documentary film tells the story of rapper Kanye's journey to incredible success in this music industry.

They reported that he had[ Grooming, the beginning of a follow-up documentary series to the original "Gangland" by Channel 5 which explores the dark and dangerous world of Britain's gang culture. This Gangland episode focuses on grooming gangs, a pandemic of organised crime spann[ Not only do her followers come to her in droves, but they do so in a way that is indicative of the most supreme devotion.

Ukranian officials confirmed Arkady's murder in May Orchids and carnivorous plants.

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The universe features unimaginably large objects like red giant stars, tiny objects like bacteria and things that fit somewher[ The film is split into ten chapters starting with World War 2, offering a[ Australian computer programmer Julian Assange founded WikiLeaks in and to this d[ The New Tsar Putin: With meat consumption having risen significantly over the past 50 years, author and filmmaker Nina Messinger travels through to several countries to better understand the consequences of […] O.

The New Tsar delves into the life and journey of the most powerful man in Russia. The answer lies in […] Random. What You Eat Matters H.

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Watson 1 Substitutes: How has Lovato commandeered this kind of crowd? Stephen Lawrence, an year-old black British man, was killed by a gang of white teenagers in a racially-motivated unprovoked attack in London, England in Simply Complicated When it comes to enthusiastic fanbases, very few celebrities wield the power and prestige that Demi Lovato does.

Both Richard and Lawrence are well-known figures in helping promote public un[ However, there was harsh criticism of the piece at […] Putin: Part one follows the story behind 3 Platoon, 1 Royal Anglian's tour of duty in Helmand, Afghanistan.

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Simpson a decade after he was acquitted for the murder of his ex-wife and her friend. It provides a unique and interesting perspective as it demonstrates life through his own eyes, showing viewers footage he filmed himself.