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Ordenador de palabras desordenadas online dating, wie daten ihre werbeerlebnisse verbessern

You know, you can transfer the photos to your computer.

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I'm sorry that I accused you of going through my computer. Register to see more examples No results found for this meaning.

An Ultra II card is fast enough and an Extreme III does not offer a lot more convenience other than speedier reading the card through the computer.

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They're using our sensor beam as a carrier wave to transmit information into our computers and replicators. Sabes, puedes pasar las fotos al ordenador.

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Tell him I'd consider it a personal favour if he'd run them through the computer. Primero debe pasar por el ordenador.

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Speaking of computer modeling, whatever happened to my dad's laptop? Lastly, the hardware that was being purchased would make it possible to move into machine-assisted translation. If the computer is shipped with the capability to be on a network, it shall have the ability to enter a sleep mode while on the network.

Your bet will go through the computer that adjusts the Tote board odds.

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Display more examples Results: Descargar al ordenador y pasar los archivos a nuestro dispositivo mediante el ActiveSync. Download to the computer and transfer the files to your apparatus by means of the ActiveSync. He was able to pick the hardest of locks, hack anyone's computer and sneak past almost anyone.

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First it must go through the computer. If the wake event requires the computer to exit the sleep mode and perform a task, the integrated computer system shall re-enter its sleep mode after a period of inactivity after the completion of the task requested.

Lamento haberte acusado de pasar por el ordenador. After the computer simulations in London, and after the spring-like beginnings or preliminaries in Rio, it is now time to act.

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Investigadores norteamericanos han inventado recientemente una impresora que, en vez de pasar a papel los datos suministrados por un ordenador, produce piezas de piel. American researchers have recently invented a printer which, instead of transferring computer data onto paper, produces pieces of skin.

There shall be no loss in network functionality available to the user e. Since one can only scan one picture at the time, there is no altermative than to spend a few minutes sitting in front of the computer and to try to keep oneself somehow busy while the scanner is producing the scan.

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