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Pacifist sans fight flirt. Undertale sans pacifist fight fangame (also extra encounter)

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Asriel apologizes to the protagonist. Genocide Route Changes After the protagonist completes a Genocide Route and restores the world after erasing it, several things are significantly altered. The protagonist sees the determination extractor, resembling part of Flowey's form during his boss battle in the Neutral Route, and they learn that Alphys did some experiments with golden flowers, which produced a single living specimen who escaped.

He then begs the protagonist referring to them as the Fallen Human's name to let him win and attacks them with his strongest attack. The monsters inform Frisk that they will follow Frisk to the surface when they are ready. Believing they might have heard this a hundred times already, he says his goodbyes to the player, calling them by the name given to the fallen human at the beginning of the game.

There, Undyne calls the protagonist, asking to deliver pacifist sans fight flirt letter for her. He gives the protagonist a chance to face him, promising to return everyone's SOULs and break the barrier if they win.

Sans retreats to the Underground presumably through a shortcut to ensure he does not have to check on Papyrus, while Undyne, Alphys, and Asgore leave to help Papyrus.

Papyrus is waiting outside.

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Find the four keys scattered throughout the True Lab and put them in their proper slots to open the generator room. This was patched in version 1. During Alphys's date, the two go to the Garbage Dump.

Epilogue The menu screen at the end of the True Pacifist Route, featuring all the characters befriended Frisk wakes up in the room behind the Throne Room, much to the relief of their friends, who pacifist sans fight flirt know Frisk's name but do not remember much about what just happened.

She further explains that the monsters' bodies could not handle the determination, and thus melted together.

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If Flowey is spared, he appears afterward and elaborates on the hint, but if he is killed, the game immediately returns to the m datehookup photos aspx screen. Surprised at the protagonist's high determination, Asriel reveals that he was only using a fraction of his real power.

As they prepare to fight, Toriel arrives, incapacitates Asgore, and consoles the protagonist. Return to Waterfall and go to Undyne's house. After this, a final bullet hell introduced by Asriel is initiated. He asks them to forget about him and leaves, but Frisk has the option to console Asriel, causing Frisk to approach and hug him.

Underswap sans fight pacifist

If the protagonist had reached the bridge without completing the "date" with Undyne, then backtracked to complete such, she gives them the letter after the hangout, unless their inventory is full in which case they have to receive it from her at Papyrus's house.

They express their feelings, often about being free at last. The protagonist's HP is left at one after this attack if they get hit. The names of all the monsters encountered in the game except Jerrynon-Pacifist-exclusive Chilldrakeand secret bosses So Sorry and Glyde scroll down in a list ordered by area of encounter, interspersed with more developed main character animations.

Flowey then asks that if they still wish to reset the game, the player needs to erase Flowey's own memories as well.

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But you've done well. True Lab Arriving at the lab, the protagonist finds a note from Alphys, in which she declares she is going to "face her own mistakes. They take the elevator down to the True Lab, but it loses power and malfunctions, leaving them stuck in the lab.

Frisk and their friends watch the sunset on the surface.

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Alphys tells Undyne some truths about her 'scientific' work, which was just her lazing around, watching anime and reading manga. Exploring the lab, they find logs from long ago, detailing Alphys's experiments with SOULs and Determination to restore monsters from death.

The protagonist enters the door, which actually leads to an elevator. If a True Pacifist Ending has been completed before, then Sans's Workshop contains a photo of "the protagonist" standing with Sans and all [their] friends. After the date, Papyrus calls the protagonist and very specifically instructs them to go to Alphys's lab, citing no reason other than a 'good feeling' he claims to have about doing so.

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To Alphys's surprise, Papyrus reveals that a 'tiny flower' helped him call everybody to the Throne Room. Head back to the elevator near the generator room to be warped to New Homewith the exit blocked off by vines.

Alphys thanks the protagonist for their support and declares to the Amalgamates that they will return home. She says that Papyrus suggested giving the protagonist the letter earlier, but that Undyne still hated them at the time.

After saving all their friends, the protagonist begins to save Asriel himself and see memories of him befriending the first human. Turn on the generator to trigger a conversation with Alphys. She then confronts the protagonist about anime, asking if it is real.

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He then thanks the protagonist for bringing them all to one spot, saying that he absorbed the humans' SOULs while the protagonist's friends were chatting, claiming he will absorb them all as well to achieve his 'real form.

There was a glitch in which the protagonist could fight and kill enemies in the CORE before receiving Undyne's Letter. Return to Alphys's Lab to find a note leading to her "bathroom" containing the True Lab.

Anticipation plays at an extremely reduced speed at the end screen slower than the times it is played in the Genocide Route itselfwhere Memory would usually play at normal speed.

Toriel encourages Frisk to do as they wish, whether that be heading for the Surface or going for a walk Underground to see the rest of their friends. If the player reopens the game, Flowey speaks to "the player ," telling them that "there's nothing left to worry about.

In the beginning area with the golden flowers, Asriel can be found tending the flowers and can be talked to.

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Talk to him to enter the house, then complete the "cooking lesson" and faux battle with Undyne. After Undyne passes out from pursuing the protagonist, get a cup of water from the nearby water cooler and pour it on her. At the barrierthe protagonist confronts Asgore.

If the protagonist chose "I wish to stay with you", after Toriel leaves the pie in the room, within four seconds, Frisk would turn in the bed to face the screen, only to reveal Chara's face with red eyes.

Naming the fallen human "Frisk" at the beginning of the game activates Hard Mode.

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The voice, implied to be Asriel Flowey mimicking his voicecalls the protagonist by the name given to the Fallen Human at the beginning of the game, and tells them that 'everything has fallen into place' and that they will 'see you soon.

If the Neutral Route has not been completed in a previous playthrough, it needs to be completed first.

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