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Seven other candidates are challenging Putin in the vote. He maintains the overwhelming support of the Russian people, while the state has kicked his main opponent out of the race and sanctioned other candidates in the running.

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He entered his first term in office as an advocate of EU membership, but has become increasingly critical of the EU over time. Supporters of Putin's main opponent, Alexei Navalny, call for an election boycott on January 28 in Moscow.

The change to direct presidential elections did not in any way change the powers of the president. The problem with an election that doesn't look like one is that it's very difficult to get voters excited about it. Gennady Zyuganov, Vladimir Zhirinovsky and Sergei Mironov, who are leaders of the parliamentary opposition.

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With not even a chance of a surprise result, Putin is now battling voter apathy. His first presidential election was inwhen he lost to Boris Yeltsin in the second round.

Mironov, 64, is the leader of Just Russia.

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He is vocally critical of the Russian elite and its corrupt practices, but his critics say that he too has been sanctioned by the Kremlin. According to RBK, the Kremlin is not considering adding additional candidates to the race.

Unmarried and with no children, Park has said she would devote her life to her country if elected.

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However he has come out against acceptance of migrants and the building of mosques in Czech cities. He has also graduated in international relations. If none of the candidates in the running manage to win majority support, a second round is held a fortnight later i.

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He would support the adoption of the euro, on condition that Greece is expelled from the Eurozone. But on March 18, there will be one thing for the President to worry about: However, last Wednesday Navalny was sentenced to five years probation for fraud.

In the course of his presidency he placed great emphasis on economic diplomacy, particularly on the need for closer cooperation with Russia and China.

Park wins South Korean presidential election

The Lenin Sovkhoz farming complex is a throwback to the Soviet era but with the cash flow of capitalist Russia. He formerly headed the Social Democratic Party, but later left its ranks over sharp ideological differences.

However, she was expected to take a more cautious approach to rapprochement with North Korea than her rival Moon and his Democratic United Party.

During his 18 years of rule, he is credited with helping bring about the country's economic rise, but is also vilified for human rights abuses committed under his regime.

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Kremlin political managers have been strategizing over the inclusion of new candidates in the upcoming elections to make campaigning more dramatic and to increase turnout on election day.

His campaign has been woefully lackluster. Instead, it will rely on members of the old guard: While many of her policies have yet to be thoroughly outlined, she has signaled a will to engage more with North Korea after relations thawed under the outgoing president, Lee Myung-bak. Who is running against Putin?

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He first took part in presidential elections in He is running as an independent candidate. He has pledged to cultivate Czech politics. Putin's main political opponent, Alexei Navalny -- who has been banned from contesting the election -- has campaigned for a boycott.

His parents emigrated to Spain shortly before the Velvet Revolution and Hilser spent part of his childhood in Madrid. He is pro-European and would support the adoption of the euro.