Amphitryon by Titus Maccius Plautus Amphitryon by Titus Maccius Plautus

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He fled with AlcmeneElectryon 's daughter, to Thebeswhere he was cleansed from the guilt of blood by Creonking of Thebes.

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Behrman and enjoyed a successful run on Broadway in Looking closely, Sosia sees that the person in front of him is dressed and looks exactly like himself. The entire section is 1, words. When he leaves for the wars, his wife Alcmena, daughter of Electryon, is pregnant.

The first English language work that was loosely based on Plautus was plautus amphitryon online dating interlude in Jacke Juggler ca.


Plautusthe Roman comedian, used this tale to present Amphitryona burlesque play. In the play Heracles by EuripidesAmphitryon survives to witness the murders of Heracles' children and wife.

Alcmene, who was pregnant and had been betrothed to Amphitryon by her father, refused to marry him until he had avenged the death of her brothers, all but one of whom had fallen in battle against the Cheapest solar water heater in bangalore dating. Amphitryon accordingly took the field against the Taphians, accompanied by Creon, who had agreed to assist him on condition that he slew the Teumessian fox which had been sent by Dionysus to ravage the country.

In France, the myth was the subject of a play by Jean GiraudouxAmphitryon 38the number in the title being Giraudoux's whimsical approximation of how many times the story had been told onstage previously.

Plautus's Comedies, Amphitryon, Epidicus, and Rudens

He fell in battle against the Minyansagainst whom he had undertaken an expedition, accompanied by the youthful Heracles, to deliver Thebes from a disgraceful tribute. Because Jupiter wishes to enjoy Alcmena as long as possible, he has the sun, moon, and stars plautus amphitryon online dating fixed, and so the night he spends with Alcmena is long enough for her to conceive and be ready to bring forth a child by Jupiter at the same time she gives birth to the child by her husband.

He was friends with Panopeus. The classic Nazi-era but anti-Nazi film version, Amphitryonwas based on Kleist. Dramatic treatments[ edit ] Amphitryon was the title of a lost tragedy of Sophoclesbut most others who have used this story have rendered comic treatments instead.

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In Germany, Heinrich von Kleist 's Amphitryon remains the most frequently performed version of the myth, with Kleist using Alkmene's inability to distinguish between Jupiter and her husband to explore metaphysical issues; Giselher Klebe wrote in his opera Alkmene based on this play.

Disguising himself as Amphitryon, Jupiter appears to Alcmena as her husband, just returned from a battle with the Teloboans. When Sosia goes on to ask questions about the household, Mercury answers each one satisfactorily.

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The dramatic treatment by Plautus has enjoyed a sustaining presence on the stage since its premiere. When Sosia sees Mercury he is afraid, but he goes up to the door and tries to enter. Unlock This Study Guide Now Start your hour free trial to unlock this page Amphitryon study guide and get instant access to the following: Eventually Jupiter takes leave of Alcmena, after telling her that he must return to his army, lest the When Sosia cries out that he is a slave named Sosia who belongs to the household, he receives another drubbing.

Sosia asks about his own conduct during the battle; Mercury replies that he was drinking. It was on his return from this expedition that Electryon had been killed. He thinks how well his master, Amphitryon, handled the war with the Teloboans, how the enemy refused to arbitrate the dispute over lands, how the battle was joined, and how Amphitryon was awarded the golden cup of Pterela as a token of the valor displayed in the battle.

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Sosia, confused, then asks the stranger who he is. Having accidentally killed his father-in-law Electryonking of MycenaeAmphitryon was driven out by Electryon's brother, Sthenelus.

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Mercury replies that he is Sosia, a slave of the household. Only the former was the son of Amphitryon because Heracles was the son of Zeuswho had visited Alcmene during Amphitryon's absence.

Plautus's comedies, Amphitryon, Epidicus, and Rudens /

It was adapted into English by S. On his return to Thebes, he married Alcmene, who gave birth to twin sons, Iphicles and Heracles. Mercury, as Sosia, tells him to be gone and beats him with his fists. Mythology[ edit ] Amphitryon was a Theban general, who was originally from Tiryns in the eastern part of the Peloponnese.

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Nevertheless, in the absence of Amphitryon, Jupiter falls in love with Alcmena and decides that he must enjoy her favors.

Having defeated the enemy, Amphitryon put Comaetho to death and handed over the kingdom of the Taphians to Cephalus.

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Summary Critical Essays Quotes You'll also get access to more than 30, additional guides andHomework Help questions answered by our experts. It was the only play by Plautus that was still performed during the Middle Ages, albeit in a modified form.

The Taphians, however, remained invincible until Comaethothe king's daughter, out of love for Amphitryon cut off her father's golden hair, the possession of which rendered him immortal.

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It was staged regularly during the Renaissance, and was the second ancient comedy to be translated into the English language. While Sosia soliloquizes, Mercury, disguised as Sosia, is listening to every word.

Alcmena is unable to recognize the impostor and welcomes Jupiter as her husband.