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Final Proof of Execution A Broadcast Certification Ad rates charged on per seconds If our website lists Rs as the rate for a radio station in a city, it means that if you play a second ad once on that radio station in that city, it would cost Rs.

It also has the glory to present the exciting music, comedy shows, and entertainment programs. This private radio stationis located and broadcast from Accra, which is the capital of the Ghana.

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Ad Frequency You need to play your Ad's atleast 5 times daily. Booking Deadline Make sure ante litteram latino dating book your ads at least 2 days prior to the release date.

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Ad Campaign Cost depends upon Your Ad campaign cost depends on the choice of your radio station, location, Ad duration, tenure, frequency and Ad slot. Discounts also depends on crisp information from the advert.


While you are driving or busy working in your office, with Joy FM, knowing the local news, entertainment stories or enjoying the local music or the hard rock music is quite pleasurable. Just set your radio with the frequency to know the exciting news and music. The frequency of the channel is Programs and the hosts With the most popular successful Super Morning Show, Kojo Yankson the popular host and a broadcast journalist connects the listeners over the channel.

The more the volume, the lower ad rates you will get. Naa Ashorkor is also going to join the popular radio station to entertain the listeners with her simplicity and carefree style to present the show that left by Caroline Sampson. Ad Creative Development Media Planning Help Based on your objectives,target audience and budget our experts will help you book Ads in the right radio stations at the right right times at the right cost.

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On Twitter, Joy has k followers and there are Joy FM This radio station has started its musical success run from the yearit is not yet very old but the popularity is beyond its age. Play more than 1 Creative Simply let us know you need to rotate your ad creative playlist and we would do the rest.

First Time Advertiser If you are a first time advertiser you will get the bets negotiated deals and incase you have already inquired for rates elsewhere or have advertised before the rate shared with you by the radio station would be the final one.

Prime Times are our costliest offering yet The Entire Day package is most fruitful one.

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Multimedia Group Limited is the owner of the channel, which is a renowned media group in Ghana. A professionally prepared jingle by Jingle India will cost you Rs.

Recording A Jingle If your bill amounts to Rs.

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The website is brilliantly designed with red and white colors fonts and popular for providing up to date news every minute. If your concern is the language then the shows come basically with a fabulous presentation with the English language.

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Social Media Social media is now the most significant option to know the popularity of any brand. Service Tax is Mandatory Since buying ad spots is a service, our clients need to pay a He is the most popular host of the channel who inspires his listeners with his motivational messages daily.

So if you play a second Ad 4 times for 7 days, the cost would be Rs. Tracking a Campaign We share with you a log report to help you enable trace your Ad. From the website, you are allowed to listen to the live music and the talk shows.

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