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Roger Philipp Cpa

Almost thought he blew it with that sushi line, good recovery Rog SmartyYang I found roger cpa dating game while google stalking Roger. Did this video help you? Switch to something that works and claim your discount now!

I paused AUD lecture 1.

Roger CPA Review Course & Study Materials

Wiley multiple-choice questions are no longer used in the Roger CPA review course! I am very curious to what his thoughts were on that stage.

Well, if there could be just one best thing about this study guide. Did you have a good time in Samoa? That was hilarious, thanks for the break from FAR. Roger has it taken care of! The integrated design of the study text, videos, and planning system really is a great example of a modern CPA review course.

You heard me right.

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There is just a TON of it! Roger, you are hilarious! Wait tell us about the trip?!?! Another modern inclusion is the mobile app. Worth pausing my REG lecture in order to enjoy this gem!

He has a way making any subject interesting and engaging.

Roger Philipp, CPA On The Dating Game

Bro, Roger, my man congrats. The videos play side-by-side with the study text, so you can follow along if Roger loses you with some of his fast-paced lectures. If you are looking for a traditional lecturer, you might want to take a look at some other options. This is absolutely hilarious!

Some students disagree, however, saying that his style is a little too flamboyant for their liking. I was very impressed with, and enjoyed your CPA review courses.

Roger, you are too funny. I had to stop the REG lecture to come see this. So many people have tried other courses and failed. He has come up with so many clever mnemonics and strategies to remember things, it makes it easy to recall just about everything in a page book.

They turned out to be great investments for me. Roger you are a badass!! Roger does tend to talk quickly which requires you to engage and actively listen to what he is saying. Can Roger make a short video to address this clip?

Roger Philipp, CPA on The Dating Game

Thank you for all of your help along the way. Holy cow this is awesome!! I think this is one of the best if not the best package you can buy. They offer great discounts and deals especially if you have used another course and want to switch.

Roger Philipp, CPA on The Dating Game - SNAPTUBE - Video YouTube

Roger, you are the man! I am now a CPA because of your course, thanks buddy! You might even crack a smile at some of his jokes.

I honestly thought it was a look alike and then he said his name! Overall, I still think the lessons are hilarious, entertaining, and truly engaging.

Each video has a notes and bookmark section where you can make a note to yourself and bookmark it for review later. If you are easily border with lectures or just flat out ADD like me, these are the lectures for you!

Excellent Integrated Layout The overall layout of the guide is based around efficiency and ease of use. How was the holiday?