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The setting of Hawaii and Seattle really do shine through here and there. If they were good, and glancing at my two, I see Jessica take a swing at William.

There were three escape routes. From time to time in later life, she would be arrested, but she was usually too clever for the courts. I absolutely love this book. It was just written like, well today I thought about Kai and how handsome he is, and once again I wondered where this is going.

The ending happened and I wondered at how in the single mom dating a single guy likes readers were expected to overlook a several month absent which springboarded into a HEA.

For the likes of Alice Diamond, destiny was bleak: Alice Diamond Her gang did not wear what they stole. Told in the first person, the main character is 39 year old Jackie.

Her father Thomas was an illiterate, violent man, who had been jailed for assaulting a policeman and who stole whatever he could lay his hands on.

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It expressed to me that two people who enjoy being with each other should work hard to make things work, no matter what conflicts they might face. This was the era of silent film, when the first cinema heroines, such as Pearl White in The Perils Of Pauline, were enticing young women to dream of romance and adventure.

He is handsome, tanned, younger, and a surfboard instructor. Will the differences of age and lives pull them apart? Jackie is a mother, ex-wife and alone, until her girlfriend gives her a trip to Hawaii for them to take for her 40th birthday.

How Forty Elephants spread havoc across London with diamond-ring knuckle-dusters

Maggie, who had incited the riot, got 21 months. She pushed back at her friends and definitely saw into their lives a heck of a lot better than they were seeing into her life, and I wish that her thoughts on them had actually come up.

The wit and wisdom Jackie showed in not giving in to 'just being' in a life that gave her no fulfillment, clicked on a lightbulb in my head yes, I can relate being You never know who might be walking by Certainly not me because I just want to go home.

I think just like with Frog Prince, the biggest issue I had was that for almost the entire book there is nothing happening and there was a lot of standing in place storywise while reading.

Nicknamed Babyface, Maggie was tiny, under 4ft 11in, with brown hair and grey eyes, but her personality was less nondescript. They were a clan, and all outsiders were enemies. And no I don't mean that is how it was written. There was a lot of dysfunction with some of the other characters in this book that was either kind of glossed over until the very end.

Older woman falls for younger hot man, they have amazing sex, family and ex disapproves, etc. Dealing with a hard hearted ex-husband and feeling at sea with her life at the moment. Not knowing what to do with herself, she finds Kai.

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After one acquittal, an exasperated magistrate asked her why she did not like policemen. Or just a plain old cup of coffee would do. After America entered World War I ingum was suddenly fashionable, and the women would walk around shops ostentatiously chewing.

Another woman would wear a false arm in her blouse while her real arm, unseen, was busy pilfering. If detectives searched her, she would have nothing incriminating on her.

Getting the Christmas tree is supposed to be special. She also had a flair for the bizarre — she drove a Ford V8 car with a periscope on the roof, so she could spot police before they saw her.

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Sometimes, Alice operated even in stores where she was known as a thief. Meanwhile, an accomplice would waltz past the counter, collecting the ring as she went. Lilian Rose Kendall, known as the Bobbed-Haired Bandit because of her short fringe and side curls, specialised in smash-and-grab raids and took over the gang while Diamond was in prison Of course, the assistants would be far too busy with the noisy girls to attend to this quietly browsing newcomer.

Both Jessica and William shake their heads. And it definitely makes me want to go on a surf holiday to Hawaii one day.

It just gets boring reading someone's diary entries after a while. For a stupid thief, this was perhaps the worst choice of all, because it could quickly lead to a lifetime of hard labour in jail.

Workhouse conditions were deliberately harsh, to discourage their use by any but the most desperate cases. The third was crime. The coat was enormous, and only the sharpest eyes could have spotted that each time Alice picked it up, she scooped up other clothes, too.

Jessica with her blonde hair and blue eyes and great dimples at her mouth may look like an angel but is the devil incarnate. William turns to his sister who is conveniently three and a half years younger and continues to live up to her status as the baby in the family.

Police counted 45 stolen items inside. Once there she meets a surfboard instructor years younger than her and starts off having a vacation fling that turns into something more.

The character of Jackie was super indecisive at times, and I thought just secretive where it didn't need to be.