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The whole plot just unacceptably begs belief, and I lost patience with it rather quickly. We could say the Lord's Prayer.

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Is gay online dating safe the dead is Jacob Wood. Well, I don't want to ask people to pray Nick's congenial manner wins him acceptance from his fellow jurors, but Frank Herrera, a Marine veteran, takes an instant dislike to him.

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How did you swing 'em, huh? What annoyed me the most was the sheer implausibility of the whole story.

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You may be right, but the thing of it is, I don't give a shit. Because you're losing me my jury! You think your average juror is King Solomon? The civil tobacco trial itself was plausible enough, but the jury foreman protagonist and his accomplice on the outside have a plan to influence the trial via the jury verdict that is so ridiculously far-fetched runaway jury john cusack dating it's impossible for anyone with common sense to buy into the idea that this could succeed.

Judge Frederick Harkin decides to give Nick a lesson in civic duty and Fitch tells Cable that the judge has now given them no choice, and that he must select Nick as a juror.

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Fitch asks for proof that she can deliver, though, which Nick provides. This is the worst of the Grishams that I've read. I hear you got ten votes.

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Apr 12, Kathryn Lucas rated it did not like it I'm glad I didn't pay for this book. Ah, I hate Baptists almost as much as I hate Democrats. You gonna bring Jacob Wood back to life? A woman named Marlee makes an offer to Fitch and Rohr: During jury selection, jury consultant Rankin Fitch and his team communicate background information on each of the jurors to lead defense attorney Durwood Cable in the courtroom through electronic surveillance.

But Jacob Wood and all the other gun violence victims remain rotting in their crypts.

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And I want this nonsense ended today! Ladies and Gentlemen, this girl is an amateur. Rankin Fitch[ edit ] Gentlemen, trials are too important to be left up to juries. On principle, Rohr changes his mind and refuses to pay. I would prefer to have someone to root for in a book, and when you are not privy to the motivations or goals of the main character when, in essence, you have no idea whether he's a decent guy or a selfish jerk you can't feel invested in that character or the story.

Fitch orders Nick's apartment searched, but finds nothing. I just stopped you from stealing the thing.

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Rohr dismisses the offer, assuming it to be a tactic by Fitch to obtain a mistrial. But he's blind, man.

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We let 'em vote their hearts. I'm not sure, but I believe I'm buying lunch.

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He's a roofer with a mortgage. Gabby's sister died in a school shooting.

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Fitch agrees to pay Marlee to be certain of the verdict. I was under the impression that we'd already purchased ourselves a verdict. What do you hope to achieve if you win?