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But this time, Hyun-jin comes to her rescue and holds them off long enough for her to slink past. She is a safe bet that the ratings will go up cos she is popular.

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Problem is, the market quickly becomes crowded, so the staff declare Suzy the winner with the highest pedometer count. Broadcast on November 24, But I found she looks ridiculous and not pretty at all loud laugh not exactly 'innocent like' when she laughs and her double chin shows and she has nothing to say generally running man ep 173 online dating. Gary hits the ball… which bounces back to hit him moments later, effectively eliminating himself.

He runs off iu and wooyoung dating 2018 honda said pillow. But then Gary tries the back-to-back strategy… and comes up short. HA, okay that is pretty great. She was invited in this ep precisely bcos she is the ideal girl of Ryu: Can't you just watch and stop commenting stupid comments.

She just thinks that she needs to dance hahaha daebak 4 years ago.

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Aw, but they still pick him anyway. Turns out Hyun-soo graduated from the same high school as Suk-jin, who even earned a reputation from the teachers: And aw, Hyun-jin resets the books the way they originally were for her.

D see part 5: She swings at every pitch, so Hyun-jin steps up to give her a few pointers himself. Report qwerty ugly person detected!!!! Hyun-soo is up at bat first and hits a foul.

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Ji-hyo calls upon the kickball incantation once more and she safely runs to first base. Then he admits Hyun-jin was also the errand boy. The bases are loaded for Kyung-hyun, who calls for the power to stop the ball… and another ball is unmagically lowered to an ideal position.

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One ball and one strike later, the tension builds… and Jae-suk hits the ball. Reply sandy88 4 years ago.

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Being born beautiful is definitely not her fault so just deal with the majority of the Korean people wanting to see her every time they open their televisions and wherever they go.

Reply david yeah many idiots ugly nowdays 4 years ago. So Yoo Hyuk breaks down on the floor, which can only be described as a backward worm dance, and both Suzy and Jae-suk pull in big numbers. He totally gets hit by the second pitch and his teammates immediately round on Hyun-jin.

Just skip to another episode that doesn't feature her, problem solved! So when Suk-jin hits the ball, Kyung-hyun runs in pain!

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Reply meme im not anyone fans, but i like suzy more as a guest. But at least this means everyone gets to sleep indoors?

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Jae-suk gets pretty close with his back-to-back method, and when Suk-jin does the same, none of them flip over. So Hyun-soo walks Hyun-jin: Of course you don't. Their task is to find or steal the pillows hidden in the basecamp and return to their sleeping quarters to stake their claim to one of six spots.

Reply llllllllll I'm so upset of people who always shows hate comments try to be the one you hate and let's how you feel. Report metlye Why did the played the theme song of City Hunter in the begining?.

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Reply louloumm 4 years ago. If you don't like seeing her, then why bother watching this episode? This time, Hyun-jin has come prepared ish for the unexpected, and the rules of this game are so wacky that even professional baseball players have a tough time keeping up.

They brace themselves for what should be a powerful hit… and it rolls along the foul line. Wait a minute, is Hyun-soo an ambidextrous batter? Reply damnusername to all the persons who stupidly defended Suzy by saying superficial stuff are you implying that all Suzy has is her "beauty" by underlining it whenever she is hated?

Oh yes, but anyway, Suk-jin steps up to the mound, where he declares the powers of darkness… which basically means blinding Byung-kyu with an eye mask. It cracks me up that Suk-jin targets who he thinks is the easiest prey: The teams are divided to Hyun-jin Blue versus Jae-suk Redand I love how the cast averts their eyes, none of them interested to be teamed with Jae-suk.

Episode #173 - Superpower Baseball

Hyun-soo hits the next one, but Ji-hyo panics before reaching second base and gets forced out. She's been working so hard to better herself all these years, so stop commenting stuffs like "she's just a pretty face" when you clearly don't know anything besides her name and the girl group she belongs to.

They seemingly call a truce to hand the pillow back to Suzy, but end up chasing after her seconds later.

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Reply loren 4 years ago. Reply qwerty its really funny that there are many ugly people who hate suzy. They head out with less than thirty seconds on the clock, but they start swiping at each other anyway… and in a surprise turn, Kwang-soo steals the last spot.

Reply mimimae25 im not a fan of suzy but i dont think its her fault to be included in this episode. Reply Jennyjjang So you want a thorough defense? Because in your beauty critirias maybe she is pretty but beauty is not forever lol she needs talent and personality to stay alive in that industry so yeah she could be a bubble that will one day burst!

Reply JapChae 4 years ago.

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Reply JapChae I just noticed that they were using running man's member picture in sitting position as the audience at baseball game: And what in the what? D 4 years ago. None of the guys actually help, so Jae-suk takes Kwang-soo aside for yunno, just a little chat… and all we hear is ruckus and Kwang-soo comes back out, hollering: