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Beckett is going to abort the mission, thereby changing history on a global basis Sir Richard, do you wish to modify your testimony?

I did agree to the thermostat setting, and I shouldn't have tried to change it. If you want to change the curtains, be up to us a new table and we all do different things.

Try to modify the shields on one of the shuttles to withstand these explosions. The one who wants to be there so badly he changes the story to make it happen. You can change that, Red. And you could change the climate with that motor home.

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See if you can modify our shielding. Remember to alter the flight records. To change that life-support system in any major way is a risky thing. You like to use adverbs to modify your adjectives.

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The trick is to change the evaporation point of the main ingredient. If you want real reliable information, You've got to alter the conditions.

But do not alter anything on the chalkboard. Just make sure you can genetically alter them. But we know someone changed Matilda's calendar - I-am modificat traiectoria. I'll have the steps changed. We still have time to change the ending back.

You're 1 4, miles, your body changes daily, and some of those changes are pretty strange.

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Register to see more examples No results found for this meaning. And even though I can't tell you specifically what to changeI want a complete overhaul. Otherwise you need to modify your behavior.

It wouldn't have changed the verdict. I didn't know that you could change my voice so much. Ai 14 ani, Miles. You need to modify their projection subroutines. If you want to change your appearance so much, there's a lot wrong with you.

That track broke all the rules, changing keys and time signatures as if the person who wrote it had so much joy inside his heart he couldn't pick just one way to let it out.

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You wanna change your statement? I need to go back and change it. You can change this station if you don't like Wiz Khalif A, Tessa. You're going to modify this so that I can use it to reprogram the bombs.

When you're shooting with backlight, you need to change some settings. We'd like to change some of the terms. Yeah, well, we had to change the boundary schedules and you're a week over the new line. Let me know how the diagram changes.

Suggest an example Results: Unable to alter any of your previous actions. Now, we have no power to change its course. It's not easy to change weapons the so sophisticated. Inthe legislature passed a law changing the method of execution Am sa modific miscarile. Water changes its molecular structure around 1 trillion times per second.

Magnetism plays a role on every scale of the Universe, changing the dynamics of objects and making the universe a violent and interesting place. You can still change your mind, you know. I want to change what I said.