Won’t take Salman Khan’s marriage proposal seriously: Elli Avram | The Indian Express Won’t take Salman Khan’s marriage proposal seriously: Elli Avram | The Indian Express

Salman flirting with elli avram saree, trending news

Also the latest footage shows Gauhar Khan doing the same with salman flirting with elli avram saree hottie on the show Kushal Tandon. It was there that Salman khan took an interest in her.

She was seen getting flirty with the hot dude in Hell, Kushal Tandon.

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Elli, on her part, has expressed dating a non talker desire to work in one of his films. Elli Avram - another foreign import in Bollywood has become a household name in India, thanks to the reality show 'Bigg Boss 7'. Kushal, who said he cannot plot and scheme to stay in the house, seems to have found an alternative to keep his place!

Daliya Ghose On Tuesday, 10th DecemberHe said, " Elli Seen flirting with her on numerous occasions during her stay on Bigg Boss, he has expressed his liking for her and got blushes in return.

Salman Khan is known to go all out in promoting a talent when he takes them under his wing and this is where Daisy feels let down. Colors Leadership Awards She likes it for the deep and beautiful love shown throughout the movie. Let's wait and watch where the Bigg Boss story goes Reportedly Salman has taken her under his wing and even recommended her name to Kunal Kohli.

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During the show finale the duo performed to the song "Mashallah", which was picturised on Salman and Katrina Kaif. Surprises does not end there, the latest Hell mate Gauhar Khan seems to be enjoying her stay in Hell a little too much.

Elli Avram clears rumours about working with Salman

Jab tum bahar aoogi, mein tumhe Hindi sikhaunga. While hosting the show, he even remarked that she resembled his ex-girlfriend Katrina Kaif! Gauhar Khan, who is new to the Hell side of the house was a little upset, since she was voted by her own team mates to send her there.

She says relationship and marriage are huge decisions in life between two people who know and respect each other and have values. Just a week before the release it's an overdose of Salman Khan, appearing on every TV reality shows and hopping around from one city to another.

Elli Avram DESIRES To Work With Salman Khan EXCLUSIVE

For all the buzzing scoop from the world of entertainment. Gauhar Hurt Gauhar Khan hurts her hand.

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Her favourite in the Bollywood industry is Shahrukh Khan, her favourite Bollywood movie being Devdas. Eyewitnesses say Salman was very attentive to Elli in the after-party. AFP The actress thought that, since this is her big break and first major Bollywood film, she would be promoted heavily by the actor like he did for other newcomers.

Since childhood, she had a fascination for India, Bollywood and the colourful attire of Indian people. And if she gets a chance to interact well with Salman Khan, will she give relationship and marriage a shot? Elli wishes to continue to work in Bollywood and showcase India to Europeans as she is very attached to the country.

Elli has built a good rapport with host and Bollywood heavyweight Salman Khan.

Elli Avram To Work Again With Salman Khan

The actor paid special attention to her and this mentoring has now gone beyond the show. She also participated in the reality show, Bigg Boss, season 7. Getting Cozy Kushal and Gauhar getting a little too close to each other? She came on a tourist visa to India and did some acting work in advertisements until her debut in Mickey Virus as Kamayani George.

To ingrain herself here, she took to learning Hindi and dance moves while preparing for her role in Mickey Virus. Supplied Salman has also indicated that he will cast Elli in a film and endorse her talent.

No one is complaining - after all it's the 'Dabangg' Khan. If not, who shall it be?

Elli Avram laughs away Salman’s marriage proposal | Salman Khan | Elli Avram

It was evident that Salman was very fond of Elli Avram during his interactions with her in 'Bigg Boss 7' house. Gauhar Khan flirting with the hottie Kushal Tandon. The fact that Salman is the reason for Elli's popularity is also troubling Daisy despite she being his leading lady of 'Jai Ho'.

She thinks she does not know him well enough to consider a relationship with him.

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Latest footages show Gauhar hurting her hand and Kushal Tandon attending to her. She was also a guest at Salman Khan's birthday party. Kushal Helps Gauhar Kushal trying and helping her with her hurting hand. Though she has a confident screen presence, there is no chemistry with her hero.

Her insecurity also stems from the fact that ex-Bigg Boss 7 contestant Elli Avram is getting more publicity then her. Therefore, the questions that now stand are if she gets film offers from both Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan, which one will she consider?

The chiffon saree clad actress reminds us of all the run-of-the-mill actresses in Bollywood.