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Sanaa lathan and tyrese gibson dating, tyrese gibson & sanaa lathan

When TMZ cameras caught Tyrese exiting the restaurant and asked him about dating Sanaa, he blew them off.

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Tyrese, shown performing in June in Los Angeles, has three Grammy nominations and can be seen Filming was delayed following the death last November of franchise star Paul Walker at age 40 in a car accident and the movie will be released in April. Share this article Share Tyrese recently surprised his nanny Elva by giving her a luxury Audi sedan to replace her older car.

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So this could have all been just dinner with a longtime friend. Sanaa is shown in the sci-fi action film Alien Versus Predators. But Sanaa was surely caught in that front seat.

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A few intimate dinners this week have folks wondering if they're more than friends. But, we're not totally believing this dating rumor Back in March, they spotted together having dinner at Chilli's, and Tyrese attempted to downplay the relationship saying she was a "colleague" at Universal Pictures.

He's been dating a woman of middle eastern decent named Maya for several years. Tyrese and Sanaa have been in this business together for years, and are part of a circle of friends with Taraji Henson and others.

The model and actor posted a short video on his Instagram account that showed Elva squealing and screaming with delight.

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While no one caught them on camera, the twosome were caught out together on another dinner date Wednesday night.

For some reason, Tyrese doesn't want the world to know.

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Sanaa had a starring role in the sci-fi action film Alien Versus Predator as well as several other leading credits. So we wouldn't be surprised if these dinner dates with Sanaa were to simply throw folks off his coupled up scent. Sanaa shared a selfie on Twitter of her new jeans that was reportedly taken in Tyrese's house The Oscar-nominated singer said he wanted to show how grateful he was for Elva taking care of his seven-year-old daughter Shayla since she was 18 months old.

And this is what happened: By the way, the pic atop of Sanaa showing off her new ripped jeans, was snapped yesterday Sanaa, shown earlier this month in Los Angeles, was spotted in the passenger seat of Tyrese's vehicle New jeans:

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