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Semi trailer hook up procedure manual template, procedure manual template example

8+ Sample Procedure Manuals – PDF, DOC

On reading a manual well, work takes place effectively and well. Warnings Don't try to back under the trailer at an angle. Start the operations manual with your process map. They may catch on railroad tracks and objects in the road.

Release the tractor-only brake and slowly back the dolly under Trailer 2 until you hear and feel janet susdorf amputee dating fifth wheel jaws lock around the king pin.

Tips Work on level ground. Get out of the cab and visually check that there is no space between the trailer upper coupler plate and fifth wheel.

The first and second trailers are coupled with a converter, or dolly -- a fifth wheel on an axle.

8+ Sample Procedure Manuals – PDF, DOC | Sample Templates

The development of Procedure Manual templates makes people look deep into their work operations and hence have an enlightening effect. What records, reports and forms are used?

Secure the fifth wheel locking lever.

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Close the dolly's petcock drain valve and Trailer 2's shut-off valves. You will need to describe the sequence and interactions of each process arrow.

Financial Policies Procedures Manual

Close the Pintle hook safety latch and hook the safety chain from the dolly onto Trailer 1's O-ring. Use the landing gear crank to raise Trailer 2's landing gear just slightly. Procedure Manual templates also the time spent in training by management and help the business grow.

Check for enough clearance between the rear of the tractor frame and the landing gear. Inspect the dolly thoroughly for damaged or missing parts and grease dolly fifth wheel. Make sure Trailer 2's height is slightly lower than the dolly fifth wheel.

Check that there is enough clearance between the top of the tractor tires and the nose of the trailer. The actual values you strive for are derived from your strategy. Open the shut off valves on the back of Trailer 1.

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In order to be alert, manual templates are of use. If you have any DMCA issues on this post, please contact us! For each arrow you need to mention who provides what to whom and when or how often does it happen? Crank up the trailer landing gear and secure the landing gear handle.

It helps have better control on daily work.


Using a Standard Operating Procedure Templateyou will be able to communicate to everyone the procedure format you want to use to standardize your procedures. Place the dolly so its fifth wheel touches the front of Trailer 2 and its fifth wheel jaws are in line with Trailer 2's king pin.

Importance of Procedure Manual Templates Manual templates give an idea of how things are to be used. Standard Operating Procedure Template You will want to standardize your Policies and Procedures Manual Template so that each procedure looks similar to all the others.

Without this, activities and work cannot even start. Except for the use of the dolly, coupling doubles is essentially the same as coupling a tractor and one semitrailer. More Articles from Bizmanualz Never drive with the legs only part way up.

People are aware of what they have to do, what is expected from them, reduces dislocation, time and energy loss as a result of personnel turnover and in turn helps new workers learn fast and earn a productive status.

They are policy documents related to employee work that help organizations raise productivity by standardizing their products.

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Put together your Policies and Procedures Manual using a logical flow or order to your procedures. If Trailer 2 does not have spring brakes, connect the air lines and the electrical cable from the dolly to Trailer 2. Make sure nothing and no one is behind Trailer 2 or between or under any of the units.

Lock the tractor-only brake if you have one, put the trailer air supply valve in the emergency position and get out of the cab.

Product design also provides prototype products to customers for testing and product manufacturing designs to manufacturing for manufacturing engineering, tooling, and setup.

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Benefits of Procedure Manual Templates Creating a manual template, one can standardize procedures, be able to start work faster and also be in a position where they can give quick and simple to understand answers to common queries or questions.