XmlBeanDefinitionReader (Spring Framework API ) XmlBeanDefinitionReader (Spring Framework API )

Setvalidating deprecated define, deprecatingly

Validation will fail and the action is aborted. ParserConfigurationException - if a DocumentBuilder cannot be created which satisfies the configuration requested. This method is deprecated as of JAXB 2.

The Unmarshaller class governs the process of deserializing XML data into newly created Java content trees, optionally validating the XML data as it is unmarshalled. Calling this method with a null parameter will cause the Unmarshaller to revert back to the default event handler.

Unmarshalling from a File: If there is no Schema set on the unmarshaller, then this method will return null indicating that unmarshal-time validation will not be performed. This method uses the following ordered lookup procedure to determine the DocumentBuilderFactory implementation class to load: See here for more details.

Xml - Validating against a Schema with JAXB - Stack Overflow

By default, the Unmarshaller does not validate. This configuration file is in standard java. It is possible for an DocumentBuilderFactory to expose a feature value but be unable to change its state. Schema Specifies whether or not the default validation mechanism of the Unmarshaller should validate during unmarshal operations.

This method setvalidating deprecated define only be used to get one of the standard JAXB defined properties above or a provider specific property. The DocumentTrigger interface is also called for binary resources. This method only controls the JAXB Provider's default unmarshal-time validation mechanism - it has no impact on clients that specify their own validating SAX 2.

SetValidating(boolean) is deprecated in JAXB 2

Passing null into this method will disable validation. Document triggers may have two roles: Feature names are fully qualified URI s. Once an application has obtained a reference to a DocumentBuilderFactory it can use the factory to configure and obtain parser instances.

Tip for Trouble-shooting Setting the jaxp. Object value throws PropertyException Set the particular property in the underlying implementation of Unmarshaller.

The general contract for a trigger is as follows: An unmarshal method never returns null. Clients that specify their own unmarshal-time validation mechanism may wish to turn off the JAXB Provider's default validation mechanism via this API to avoid "double validation".

Note that only whitespace which is directly contained within element content that has an element only content model see XML Rec 3. However, a trigger may also alter the received SAX events before it forwards them to the indexer, for example, by applying a stylesheet.

Class DigesterDefinitionsReader

To determine if the document is a binary resource, call DocumentImpl. DocumentBuilderFactory in jars available to the runtime. Additionally, when the root element of XML data has an xsi: However, in this case, the trigger can not function as a filter and the SAX-related methods are useless.

Use isValidating in your code to check that you're in validation phase.


Throwing an exception during the storage phase will result in an invalid document in the database. This method replaces the deprecated setValidating boolean API. This value can either be specified using one of the constant fields or a user supplied string.

PropertyException - when there is an error processing the given property or value java.

SAXParserFactory (Java API for XML Processing (JAXP) )

Initially this property is set to null. Note that "the validation" here means a validating parser as defined in the XML recommendation. This static method creates a new factory instance.

If XML processing is limited for security reasons, it will be reported via a call to the registered ErrorHandler. To determine if the Unmarshaller has validation enabled, simply test the return type for null: Attempting to get an undefined property will result in a PropertyException being thrown.

By default the value of this is set to false. Attempting to set an undefined property will result in a PropertyException being thrown.

Implementations may define their own features. NullPointerException - If the name parameter is null. When the JAXBContext 's mappings are not sufficient to unmarshal the root element of XML data, the application can assist the unmarshalling process by using the unmarshal by declaredType methods.

String name throws PropertyException Get the particular property in the underlying implementation of Unmarshaller. If the client application does not register a ValidationEventHandler before invoking the unmarshal methods, then ValidationEvents will be handled by the default event handler which will terminate the unmarshal operation after the first error or fatal error is encountered.

The trigger may throw a TriggerException if the current action should be aborted. The default implementation just forwards the SAX events to the indexer, i.

PropertyException - when there is an error retrieving the given property or value property name java.