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His real second name isn't Dawson, he used raypak kuda lari online dating as a catchy YouTube name- he adapted it from Jack Dawson from Titanic, which his is a big fan of.

He has a brother who has a YouTube account. What is Shane Dawsons email? I Where does Shane dawson live? This is also why he does a Dawson's Creek parody.

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Online humorist Shane Dawson is 28 years old birthdate: He used to be very overweight, something he talks about in many of his videos. As shane dawson's biggest fan, i am He plays most of his characters using wigs, accents, outfits and make-up.

Yes, he was on a McDonald's commercial. He also got an iPhone and created another channel for any videos filmed on his iPhone shane.

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He was born July 19th and is a Cancer. Where is Shane Dawson from? How old is Shane Dawson? Dawson used to weigh pounds 3 years ago and is now No one can answer this, because no one's opinion is right.

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He lives at home with his mother and 2 dogs. He's only a virgin if you don't count anal. He is known for making comedy videos featuring himself in many of the roles, using wigs and fake accents to differentiate his characters.

His real last name is Yaw. He has a few channels: He is a comedian and he is very good at it.

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He shares very personal information with his audience on his videos a lot, such as informing his fans that he is a virgin and he intends to stay that way until marriage. As of today, dawson does not have a girl friend. Does Shane dawson have a girlfriend? Shane Dawson is a YouTube guy who is very funny, look him up.

Is Shane Dawson single? He is also an animal lover and owns two cats - Muffins and Snoop - and three dogs - a corgi called Miley, a corgi called Chocolate the most recent edition to his pet family- Chocolate has only appeared in a few videos and a golden retriever called Charlie.

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He has never been in love or had a relationship in his life. Most people are saying it's bree essrig- which is worrying, considering she has a long term boyfriend called steve.

Shane and Friends Podcast

Did Shane dawson get into the commercial? Actually, he was born in Long Beach, California. He comes 3rd in the most globally subscribed too. Why did Shane Dawson quit The Station? It is up to the people.

It was the one with the rockstar and he and some other dude were preparing his snack. His mother and aunt and cousin also appear in several videos.

Shane dawson full podcast

And in another that he IS waiting for marriage, 'cause he believes in all that stuff. This is a matter of opinion. Sometimes he gets his friends to play parts too. Yes, he is waiting for marrige first.

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His dad left when he was young. Is Shane dawson funny? He lives in California.

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Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? He posted a vlog explaining how he and a mystery girl had dated for a year but had just broken up. MERGE already exists as an alternate of this question.

Please note on Answers. Canadian pitcher Shane Dawson is 23 years old born September 9,