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Power on the TV and then the PC.

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Click the monitor icon labeled "2" in the "Change the Appearance of Your Displays" section. Note the port name on the TV used to connect to the PC -- i. Step Plug the other ends into a set of AV inputs on the back of the surround sound receiver, such as the jacks labeled for a TV signal.

View and use the window on the Sharp TV screen just as you would any other monitor.

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Surround sound consists of an AV receiver that serves as a hub for managing the equipment while delivering the audio signal to a set of speakers. To enable the Sharp TV display with the laptop, press the "Fn" key and the key cyber dating scams a small icon of a monitor on it.

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Shut down the PC and power off the TV. The two remaining plugs, white and red, connect to the left and right audio outputs, respectively. Regardless of the Sharp LCD TV model you own, connecting it to a PC and using it as a second monitor generally requires no more than the right cable and a few mouse clicks in Windows.

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High-end Sharp models may have three different connector types: Some receivers are labeled Video 1, Video 2 and Video 3 for the different AV inputs, so make a note of which set connects the TV source signal to the receiver.

If no monitor icon labeled "2" appears in the window, click "Detect" to refresh the display. The surround sound AV receiver connects in-between the Sharp TV and a source signal, such as cable or satellite television service. Locate the video-out port on your PC and determine its type.

Step Connect the five color-coded plugs on one end of the component cables to the five matching color jacks on the back of a cable or satellite TV receiver box, using the RGB red, green and blue plugs for the connection to the video output jacks.

Launch a game, media application, Web browser or other program on the PC.

Sharp tv setup

Step Press the "Input" button on the Sharp remote control until the TV source signal appears on the screen. Video signals go to the Sharp TV and the receiver sends audio to the speakers. Click "Apply" and select "OK" to save the multi-display configuration settings.

Depending on the Sharp model you own, the unit may have only one port type or it may have up to three port types you can use to connect the TV to a PC.

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Step Connect a second set of component video cables to the Out to TV video jacks on the back of the receiver, matching the red, green and blue plugs with the colors on the jacks.

Step Turn on the equipment, then set the AV receiver selector knob to the set of jacks such as Video 1 or Video 2, for example that connect it to the source signal.

How to Hook Up a Sharp TV to Surround Sound

Plug the small end of the 3. Share on Facebook Sharp television sets are equipped with different connection jacks for hooking up audio and video components, such as a surround sound system.

After selecting the appropriate input source on the remote, the PC display should appear on your TV.

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Two monitor icons -- one with "1" and the other "2" -- should appear in the display window.