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The first five chapters of the manga are devoted to the daily lives of Shirley and Cranry, whilst the final two chapters An Afternoon with Nelly an Me, and Mary Banks are standalone stories about two other maids, but are equally as good as the main story. The characters themselves though, are quite adorable on the whole.

Login to add items to your list, keep track of your progress, and rate series! She arrives home one evening to find a young girl waiting at her door.

Shirley Madison

Likewise the more avid manga fan may want to try something I found this series to be very enjoyable, and the quality of the artwork didn't really affect my enjoyment overmuch. This is an enjoyable series though, and will probably become more enjoyable once more chapters of the sequel have been released.

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The maids from the final two chapters, Nelly and Mary Banks, are good enough characters in their own way although Mary seems to be the more developed of the twohowever there is little scope for development as they only get one chapter each.

Mary Banks "Mary Banks" tells about a maid with a Master who loved playing pranks on his servants. Cranry is also a good character, headstrong, stubborn and independent - a rarity in the Victorian era although not unheard of.

Inthe author decided to continue her work with Shirley and released two chapters under the title "Shirley Medison", these were followed by 2 more inthen another 2 in and again 2 in Shirley is kawaii in extremis and this statement is from a man who thinks that fluffy kittens are simply eating, scratching, clawing, crapping machines who just get better at hiding their evilness as they get olderhowever she is no simple waif, as she is quite capable at handling a maids duties.

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That said, the relationship between Cranry and Shirley does develop in quite a few ways, especially as they get used to living together. Volume 1 includes two other short stories: Description Yet another maid-tastic manga from Kaoru Mori, "Shirley" is an evocative glimpse into the daily life of winsome, year-old Shirley, a maid in turn-of-the-century England.

It has no connection with the other maid story of the author, also Emma is a Victorian Maid, but Shirley is a Edwardian Maid. Shirley is a good, lighthearted read, and is a great way to while away a few spare moments.


Characters are designed quite well over all, but as the art is of a lower standard in this series, it can somtimes be a little strange to read, especially for those who are used to the quality of Emma or YKK.

The girl Shirley Madison, 13 years old, poilite, and seeking employment as a maid. The characters are engaging, especially Shirley, Cranry and Mary, however the length of the series left me feeling a little unfulfilled however the release of the sequel, Shirley Madison, has since cured me of that.

Cranry takes the girl in and the two begin their lives together as mistress and maid. The story for Shirley is slice-of-life in it's purest form, and is very reminiscent of Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou moreso than Emma in fact.

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Shirley is another Victorian based manga by Mori Kaoru, and whilst it shares some of the same things as Emma, it is a very different story altogether. Finally in all previous "Shirley Medison" chapters were released in "Shirley" volume 2.

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Frogs, spraying them with water, trip ropes and other forms of foolishness were all she could look forward to any day. Shirley tells the story of Cranry Bennett, a 28 year old society lady who owns a cafe.

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Shirley and the oneshots in volume 1 were first published as fanzine doujinshi aroundat that time the title was "Shirley Medison". But when her employer passes away unexpectedly, what will happen to Mary Banks?

I would recommend this to any fan of Emma or YKK, or to anyone who just wants to read a nice short manga with some good characters and amusing moments. Since this is a short slice-of-life series, there isn't much room for character development.

The artwork is not as impressive as that for Emma, however it is still good.

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Because of her work commitments she finds very little time to take care of herself or her home, so she advertises for a maid. If you fall into any of these categories then why not spend a bit of time reading Shirley?

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That said, Shirley, like Emma, is a very British manga. An Afternoon with Nelly and Me 2.