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If you can find the human that wants to embark on this sort of breakfast endeavor with you, marry them or give them one of those BFF friendship necklaces.

I love that it only requires a few simple ingredients, takes only a few minutes to make, and tastes a million times better than box mix. I like my pancakes fluffy.

Let me say that again: I love being able to single girl pancake recipe set the temp I use degrees and make multiple pancakes at once.

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These fluffy, perfect pancakes are swirled with a cinnamon- sugar mixture and topped with a cream cheese drizzle. This recipe comes together in little bits. There you have it: This recipe makes ten perfect fluffy pancakes every single time. I received an Electric Griddle for Christmas- and I highly recommend it!

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Even Heat for Perfect Pancakes There are a few tricks that can help: The batter rests while the griddle heats. My husband taught me that. The ultimate breakfast situation involves sharing an eggy-hash and then sharing a totally over-the-top pancake.

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A little bit of butter. A good dose of real maple syrup is what I prefer to drizzle on top.

How do you make Cinnamon Roll Pancakes?

Look at my eyes… these pancakes are the real deal. Thick and fluffy, with a hint of sweetness, but not too medicina genomica yahoo dating so you can still drown them in syrup.

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes with lots of ooey, gooey cream cheese glaze drizzled on top. You know when you makes pancakes you always have that first sacrificial pancake? Here are some tips for how to be successful with these!

A warmed cream cheese glaze drizzled on top really completes this pancake. How do you make Cinnamon Roll Pancakes? How to Flip the Perfect Pancake To get a perfect flip without batter sliding around, be sure to purposefully shove your spatula I like silicone or plastic, not metal all the way underneath and use your wrist to turn them over.

Old-Fashioned Pancakes

Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to a pancake today. Watch the short video showing you how to make these Cinnamon Roll Pancakes, then scroll to the bottom of this post and print out the recipe so you can make them at home.

It is restrained in portion and totally bonkers in every other way. Shared breakfast is a big deal.

Best Ever Pancake Recipe

I can eat this pancake just as you see it, but you really need to add the glaze to get the full cinnamon roll-effect.

This post contains affiliate links. And sometimes I like slices of banana cooked inside. Little bits of flour and oats. The one that either gets burned to a crisp or is white and raw in the middle? Let your pan heat up while you make the batter; an easy way to test if your pan is ready is by flicking a tiny bit of water onto the pan.

And because everything is cuter in miniature form, you can also use this recipe to make Strawberry Banana Pancake Skewers.

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Handfuls each of fresh blueberries and chocolate chips. I have a wonderfully fluffy pancake batter that I like to use recipe below so I swirled a bit of cinnamon roll filling into the pancake.

Read on… Oh yeah.


How to Make Homemade Pancakes Video 4. And they cooked up just like a pancake- fluffy, but with craters of crusty, sugary cinnamon swirled within. This pancake recipe makes one giant pancake filled with fresh blueberries and chocolate pieces.

Always spray your pan with a little bit of nonstick spray to keep your pancakes from sticking Yes, even in non-stick pans.

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It also makes perfect eggs- so smooth, no crispy edges or skirt. When I add the batter to the griddle I start from the center and gently pour in a circular movement to help the batter spread into a nice round circle. Jump to Recipe Print Recipe This easy to follow recipe makes the best homemade pancakes.

The solo pancake expedition is just as important as the coupled pursuit.