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In order to avoid the worst case scenario, Rita decides to head for the neutral country of Greedom. Shouldering their fate and destiny, the two meet, leave, and set out on their journey. Disliking an opinion is not a valid reason for flagging.

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Sisters of Wellber Wellber no Monogatari: However, Rita stabbed her groom to be and ran away. Would like to apply for Disqus Moderator, click here. Watch Wellber no Monogatari: Fill the linked form if you: NSFW in this case, refers to ecchi. No hentai is allowed in any case.

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Whether it be by coincidence or necessity, Tina receives information that the "Wasp Man" she was after is in Greedom, her sworn enemy who took the life of her parents. Comment Anime Episode 01 Rules Click to load comments Flagging - If you see anyone violating the rules, please use the report button "mark as inappropriate".

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You may also like. Meanwhile, the woman thief Tina sneaks into Castle Wellber, seeking its treasures, when she happens to witness the stabbing of Guernia by Rita.

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They are on-topic and relevant Anime related. Sisters of Wellber 10 years since the great war, tensions were mounting within the country of Wellber, which was barely capable of keeping peace, as war could commence at any time with its neighboring country, Sangatras.

Sisters of Wellber Episodes

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