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The parallel-universe Lionel Colorado springs dating scene in minneapolis will seem to be even more evil and dangerous than his counterpart in the "original" universe was before he was changed by Jor-El.

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He took the form of Lionel Luthor to convince Clark to use Dax-Ur's shield to find blue kryptonite and in doing so, to reveal the location of Dax-Ur Brainiac's creator. Brainiac removes the silver kryptonite splinter from Clark's body.

Chloe Sullivan, who left in "Fortune".

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Due to this property, he appears as a human named Milton Fine on Earth. Brainiac has demonstrated all Kryptonian powers and abilities apart from super breathsuper staminasuper dexterity and super hearing.

He is killed during the second meteor shower, when a meteor falls through the Kent home and lands on him. Jodi immediately achieves a wonderful shape, but has a huge and uncontrollable starvation and needs human body fat as the side effect, threatening whoever is closest- her next potential victim is date Pete.

He also altered a Smallville High School counselor's mind so that she wouldn't attack Clark Kent at his reunion. Blogs, profils, rencontres, chat, photos, vidos, musique. In "Ryan," the titular character has a brain tumor that gives him telepathy. Lois takes Clark to the hospital.

5-8 Smallville Solitude - Clark & Brainiac Battle

Riots break out all over the world when Brainiac unleashes a computer virus which starts shutting down all technology on Earth during the episodes "Vessel" and "Zod".

However, its system was corrupted by Zod to aid in his efforts to take over Krypton: In one episode, Jonathan played by John Schneider is driving his pickup truck while The Dukes of Hazzard theme song plays on the radio.

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This leads to a falling out between the two friends. Disappointed when the storyline ended quickly into the second season, O'Toole hoped that the secret her character was holding in "Ryan" was that Martha was going to run for Mayor.

He also has the same dry wit. He arrives at the Kent farm during a party Clark throws while his parents are out of town and claims that the disease developed following an explosion at his former workplace: Like Man of Steel would do later, Zod is given a new personality and motivation for his actions.

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Jor-El uses Lionel's body to destroy a duplicate of Brainiac. He kills his mother and he chooses Smallville clark kills brainiac dating Lang to be his mate for procreation purposes.

Destroy Krypton Brainiac, after getting corrupted and reprogrammed by General Zod, aided his cause and helped further his plans. Personality Brainiac Brainiac is a computer, making him extremely logical and as such, is incapable of love: Bride Clark can damage him greatly, Rokk was able to manipulate his inner metals using his mind, Imra entered his mind mentally and Garth was able to, by combining his powers with Rokk's, force him offline and ultimately defeated him by removing his microscopic parts from Chloe's body.

The executives classified this incarnation as "Major Zod", as opposed to his typical "General Zod" identifier, and explained that throughout season nine "the venomous side of Zod rises because he experiences a few key betrayals with our beloved characters". A brief glimpse of Kara flying into the sky results in Lex's new obsession with finding the "angel" that saved his life.

This Series Provides Examples Of: Premiere rencontre de clark kent et lois lane. Jensen Ackles appears in season four as Jason Teague, a love interest for Lana.

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Legion Brainiac downloads information from Dax-Ur's mind. He was now a part of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

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Although Ashmore was sad to leave the show, he feels that the redemptive story that was given to Jimmy in the finale, through the self-sacrifice he makes for Chloe, makes a good send off for his character. Brainiac can create multiple versions of himself.

Clark himself had actually time traveled at least twice "Reckoning" and "Apocalypse" before "Legion". After arguing with his mother, he puts the insects in his car and has an accident on the road, and is attacked by the insects.

Gnrique de Smallville avec tout les acteurs depuis la saison 5 1 sept Jonathan and Martha, the foster parents of a human-looking alien with physics-defying superpowers, balk at the idea that magic exists. Brainiac's human appearance once he created an extension of himself is around 5'9" with brown hair and eyes.


In Season 4's "Spirit", the trope comes up again. He also saw his character as a means to keep the show grounded in reality, specifically by making sure that Jonathan's life is clearly displayed for the audience, by performing a daily routine on the farm. After Lionel started turning around, most seasons would feature at least two antagonists who would frequently get in one another's way.

He is exposed to burning kryptonite ore in the sauna, and achieves the power of burning whatever he wants. Clark and Oliver pull one off in "Dominion".

As a machine, Brainiac is attuned to sounds and beacon frequencies emitted by shields or other Kryptonian devices. Chloe is also kidnapped and almost killed in an attempt to blackmail Clark into revealing more about their team.

5-8 Smallville Solitude - Clark & Brainiac Battle

When the moment came for his character to die, Schneider considers the event an "empowering death", which he likens to John Wayne 's character death as Wil Andersen in The Cowboys.

Brainiac was able to spread a single computer virus that rapidly spread to every major city on Earth, causing Dark Thursday Vessel and was able to spread another computer virus to seize human minds and absorb it through the use of every computer on Earth.

Gough felt that Schneider's experience portraying Bo Duke added belief that he could have grown up running a farm.

Then Clark Kent saved him and enabled him to be reprogrammed for good. According to Gough, Pete's departure felt rushed, and seemed to lack the importance that it should have had. Brainiac 5 retains the same logic that he had when he was Brainiac and seems as cold and indifferent to emotional responses as before.

He's a literal Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds in this case too, as he's responsible for the destruction of Krypton in this continuity.

When she leaves unexpectedly in the season four episode "Gone", Jason follows Lana back to Smallville and takes a position as the school's assistant football coach. No matter my form, my intellect remains formidable. He's singing to the blanket and tells his father to be quiet or he'll wake the baby.

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Most notable among these is the origin tale of Clark and Lex Luthor knowing each other in high school, and Lois Lane being introduced to Clark long before their partnership at the Daily Planet.

Welling believes that it is the repercussions of that deal that allow Jonathan to give Clark more freedom in the choices that he makes during season three. Legion Altering powers Shapeshifting: Brainiac seemed to develop a warped fixation with Clark Kent, even rebuking Bizarro for considering himself Kal-El's superior and calling him "a pale shadow".

Jason, who believes that the secret of the stones lies with Clark, heads to the Kent farm where he holds Jonathan and Martha hostage. You know you can't stop watching it, but at the same time you feel, 'Oh my God, he's going to kill me. Brainiac can't be physically harmed or hurt by humans and is unaffected by hot and cold temperatures, as well as can survive in space, [14] and is immune to all earthly diseases.

Brainiac then aided Zod and often conversed with his disciples about various attacks on Krypton's major cities and government buildings.

Brainiac was given a human-like form by Jor-El on Krypton but the actual complexion of that form remains unknown. No Comments Also featured in. Okay, we all know that Clark will eventually end up with Lois. In contrast to those versions, it was Smallville that tied his heart condition to a deal that he makes with Jor-El.

LuthorCorp 's clandestine activities: During the first season, Jones felt like he should have more screen time, but later conceded that the show was about Clark's journey and that the other characters are there to help his story move along.