Strategic marketing with Markstrat business simulation Strategic marketing with Markstrat business simulation

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Emphasis on human resource management, capacity management, investments, service quality, pricing, and marketing as the key decision making areas. This chapter attempts to show how all organizations interact with and are affected by the environment in which they function.

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Therefore, in formulating a strategy, the effective general manager makes strategic choices which are consistent with environmental factors. Success is measured by both operational and financial key indicators, including capacity utilization rates, customer and employee satisfaction, market shares, profit per employee, net profit, return on capital, and earnings per share.

Managerial Accounting This class develops your ability to understand the nature and limitations of the information provided in the external, and internal, financial reports.

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It commences with a review of key theories and tools that students have studied as part of their degree with consideration given on how to use these in this exercise. By drawing from the state of the art innovation literature as well as a wealth of original, in-depth, real world case study materials, the course analyses the opportunities and challenges related to creating, sustaining and managing innovation in the 21st century.

Business simulations for training and education Simformer is an unparalleled project. Financing and management accounting decisions in StratSimManagement involve analyzing projected cash flows and ensuring there are sufficient funds to cover investments and operations.

Managing People best gay hookup apps 2018 Organisations With organisations increasingly becoming global and interconnected, understanding the challenges for managing those employed by firms is vitally important.

Entrepreneurship and services management courses at different levels, college preparedness courses, undergraduate courses focused on business fundamentals, college-level business courses.

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In formulating a strategy, the strategic decision makers must analyze conditions internal to the organization as well as conditions in the external environment, which are described in the following sections. In addition to choosing among many alternative uses for their limited funds, students also make decisions involving dividends, short vs.


This allows students to gain a more in-depth understanding of the issue and to try out various solutions. More detailed client input is provided at certain points in the process often through direct interface with the client.

We make learning more effective and practical. In addition, participants will gain invaluable experience in teamwork and problem solving. Learn key strategic management techniques that will help you keep your operations in line with your strategy and deliver sustainable results.

About Strategic planning and decision-making: Over the past decade, BEONTRA has developed an integrated corporate scenario planning software suite for airports BEONTRA Scenario Planningwhich enables companies to create traffic forecast scenarios, capacity scenarios and estimate aviation and non-aviation revenues as well as cost scenarios.

The Factors That Shape Strategy

To help the participants to develop a holistic view of business operations including marketing, sales, human resources, capacity management, investments, and service quality. By examining real-life organisations, you will develop your understanding of the forces within their contextual and transactional environments that influence their strategy, and by applying different strategic frameworks, develop the ability to critically analyse the strategic direction being adopted.

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This class provides students with the opportunity to deploy many aspects of their learning by engaging with a live issue provided by a client company.

Semester 2 Marketing Management This class examines contemporary international practice, exploring the major concepts and techniques involved in the marketing planning process. In general terms, environment can be broken down into three areas: How will information be analyzed?

This class provides insight into how organisations function and the impact on individual behaviour. Students are expected to perform financial ratio, breakeven, and net present value analysis.

Airport Strategic Management with Business Simulation (Classroom, 10 days) - IATA Training Course

Multi-user business environment Simformer Business Simulation SBSwhere real business processes are simulated, allows users to try daring ideas ranging from interactive school activities to corporate events.

Who will negotiate with potential partners?

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Prerequisites There are no prerequisites for this course Recommended level is Management and Professional The recommended level of language proficiency is ICAO Operational Level 4 for courses in English or equivalent for other languages.

The simulation case encompasses the essential elements of service business management. We unite the modern education system with a unique, multi-user business-simulation environment with flexible settings for courses and training programs.

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The biases or preferences for action shape the decision makers' view of the situation. Participants run a small family hotel in a seasonal environment with one established market and an option to expand to a new market with different demographics.

It examines the core concepts and valuation models involved in pricing securities, the choices firms make over how to fund themselves and the techniques used to evaluate internal investment proposals.

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In spite of these decision-making biases, there are some common elements in the environment that decision makers analyze in their strategic decision making processes. As a member of the management team in the business simulation exercise, you are responsible for both short-term revenues, including commercial initiatives related to market developments, and the long-term strategy that may include capacity expansion during your virtual 10 year tenure.