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Oblong shape, joey slotnick dating enamel with a pretty coloured motif.

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I waited seven days and watched in anticipation,watching and waiting to see if i was the lucky bidder, for three days i held my bid of just fourteen UK pounds,and this only after i had taken the bid of someone El's in the race for this beautiful case.

But a very true Story Stratton Cases come stratton compact dating website a fantastic amount of Enameled Fronts, consisting of themes, scenes,birds, flowers,and Characters, and some to match the Era in which they were made, and i have only been collecting these for the past year and now it isand i always have a rush of blood when i see a case that i have not yet seen or collected, this one was one of those blood rushes, in fact i was on the edge of my seat waiting to see if i could win the bid on eBay to rescue this case to my collection.

Do you hide it from those none desirables in society that want to have all that we have, and at any cost, or do you put it on show for the world to see was that not the reason why you wanted to own a collection?

I will share that with you, when you have had chance to view more cases. There is a space for a lipstick tube and the mirror is bevelled. It has a full powder block and puff.

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A Stratton compact showing a lady in crinoline dress with a bird on her hand. This is a lovely item. There is a good mirror but no sifter or puff.

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Create a free website. A large cream and black art deco compact of some age.

An inner compartment holds a sifter with a metal edge. Mirror and catches good. The hinge is slightly off set but works perfectly.

Stratton (company)

The decoration is exquisite. The picture is printed on foil which gives it a lovely sheen. Yes it was 26 UK Pounds, but I do really really like it and it stands proud in my collection A very nice, unusual piece.

A very unusual item. There is an inner powder well with lid.

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All these lovely items are in excellent condition and I consider them of a standard that would grace any collection - please click any image to enlarge. A Really Gorgeous set and i hope to find the Ashtray to match. The inner powder well in empty, and the compact is in a very clean unmarked condition.

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A Great eBay tale!! A lovely bit of cosmetic history.

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The mirror is very good, but the powder sieve has seen better days. Mirror and catches all good and the inner powder well has a gauze sifter.

A quality item in beautiful condition. I tried to take on a bid almost immediately, and unfortunately for me the bid went higher and higher until i was the highest bidder once again, but it was Higher than i wanted to pay, and only for one reason as i really did not know how much to pay for something i had only paid a few small UK Pounds for before, i needed to know how much they were worth, i tried to find websites on collecting Strattons, and the only indication i could find was for the Ladies Make-up compacts, and these were being sold for some small amounts of Money, to very large amounts of money, in fact a lot more than i was paying for this cigarette case.

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A lovely item for any collector. Anyway the moral of the story was Hey i Wanted that case badly and i would pay for it, like this other person would pay for it, so it must have been worth at least that much to me, as it was to them.

Stratton Compact

The decoration is of two lovebirds. Was i right to pay that much for it Apsolutly just stunning,a crisp white background and hand paited Autumn leaves British Compacts Collectors Society http: It did not take me long to feel bad about the whole situation, as i had lost the bid to another bidder coming from the United States.

The lid does not form a close fit so this is an item for displaying rather than use. The hinge is slightly damaged hence the price but a good piece for any collection.