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During training when they are balancing on a piece of wood, Mike is asking Amanda if he should ask a girl out. Meanwhile, Owen has trouble hiding his ninja skills and almost exposes his friends and himself twice, once while trying to defend a boy from a shifty-looking senior student who was actually selling cupcakes to raise money for children's hospitals and when Limelight captures his final target.

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But Amanda gets suspicious of him when she finds out the police still think they're on the loose. Watch Supah Ninjas season 2 episode 4 S02E04 Watch Now Martin catches Mike sneaking out of the house and grounds him, and now Mike must find a loophole in Mike's rules that will allow him to help the ninjas stop Evil Grandpa and the Ishina from using their mapping device to locate the dojo.

Mike quotes his grandfather "Things aren't always what they appear to be. Amanda has a big grin on her face because she thinks it is her, but when she says, "Yeah, go for it," Mike says, "That's great.

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After Amanda and Owen want to go public and Mike doesn't, just because it's two against one, they decide to go public. In the last scene, Owen realizes that Amanda likes Mike.

Now against one another, they try to figure out who's Jellyface before it's too late. Meanwhile Mike is upset, thinking that Amanda and Owen have a thing for each other, after Connor tells him they are into each other. Watch Supah Ninjas season 2 episode 9 S02E09 Flint Forster discovers Amanda's true identity and gets a look at her life as a ninja, and when a counterfeiting student takes Amanda and Flint hostage, Mike is forced to save his rival in addition to his friend and ally.

After it is Mike, Grandfather says that not all the tallys have been counted, they do a breathing exercise to reflect on what all has gone on in their ninja lives.

Amanda starts to have feelings for Mike. Quiton does all the work and gets his project stolen from an evil scientist's assistant. Through the rest of the episodes, amanda constantly shows signs of jealous about Mike and Julie. A villainous brother named Optic Dennis Keiffer and his sister Buzzsaw Danielle Radiometric dating mount st helens the duo steal purple diamonds around the city to bring their dying father called Mechanov Curt Lowens back to life as a robot.

Mike goes on his first date with Julie, with Owen giving him advice through an earpiece. He tries to retrieve it, but Mike defeats him and takes the sword.

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He also discovers that his grandfather's twin brother Kagema, who has betrayed the Fukanagas and has now returned to lead the Ishina. Mike and Amanda scold him afterward but Hologramps takes pity on Owen because he was trying to do the right thing, he also knows how he feels about not receiving enough attention and not getting credit for helping to save Empire City, but he tells him that a ninja's strength comes from within, not the opinion of others.

Grandfather says that there is no i in ninja to which Amanda keeps complaining about. While Mike practices what he's gonna say to Julie, she doesn't realize he's actually talking about herself, and once he finishes, she touches his hand and says, "Perfect.

Watch Supah Ninjas season 2 episode 1 S02E01 In the second-season opener, Connor's motives become clear to the trio, who realize they've underestimated how big of a threat he is.

Nick considers Ishina as a single episode. At the dojo, Quinton manages to fix Grandpa.

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Connor tells Owen that Amanda bleaches her hair, and he tells Amanda that Owen likes her. Meanwhile, Amanda tries to help Mike get ready for his date with Julie, telling him about the "hand touch" in which if a girl touches your shoulders she likes you, on your arm, her feelings may change, and on the hand is that she like likes you.

But when they only can have one, Amanda, Mike, and Owen all think that they should be the one. Amanda says, "I'm okay, everything's fine," then sits up with a hurt expression directed at Mike.

The next day, Mike is now Owen's wingman, for a girl named Greta.

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Through flashbacks and clips, the Ninjas work out their dilemma of whether or not to go public after Grandfather tells them they've been captured battling a villain on a security camera. Mike goes to his locker and finds his grandpa's brother, who captures Mike; ending the series with Kagema flying off with Mike.

Watch Supah Ninjas season 1 episode 23 S01E23 Watch Now Limedark Danny Mastersona former college actor, kidnaps his former cast mates, who have become famous, and has horrible plans for them.

Mike looks concerned when Amanda falls off. Skeleton King " meaning the Skeleton Crew may appear in future episodes.

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Owen encourages Mike to ask out Julie, he then finds out that Amanda has broken up with Cameron. Watch Supah Ninjas season 2 episode 6 S02E06 Watch Now A cheerleader who was once Amanda's rival is released from juvie, and still holds a grudge against her old foe; suspecting that the rival cheerleader will cause problems, Mike and Owen try to catch her doing wrong by posing as cheerleaders.

Watch Supah Ninjas season 2 episode 2 S02E02 Watch Now Amanda McKay starts to develop feelings for Flint Forster, a thief who specializes in the redistribution of wealth, but in trying to keep her crush a secret, her strange behavior leads Owen Reynolds to think she is falling for Mike Fukanaga.

Mike discovers Connor's identity as an Ishina.

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Watch Supah Ninjas season 1 episode 17 S01E Yet Amanda and Owen are doubtful of Mike's accusations since he's a staunch believer of urban myths. In a fight with Connor, Mike loses his mon to him, and the episode ends with Connor inserting the mon into the Supah Ninjas' dojo entrance in Mike's bedroom and it opens up in front of him with Mike, Amanda, Owen and Hologramps looking in despair.

Watch Supah Ninjas season 2 episode 7 S02E07 Watch Now When Mike forgets about Martin's birthday, he throws him a last minute party to compensate, but when Ishina crash the party, Mike has to find a way to get his dad out of the house while keeping up the birthday party act.

Meanwhile, Amanda lies that she got detention to do a report for the school paper, but she really keeps falling asleep in 1st period because of Study Group. Watch Supah Ninjas season 2 episode 11 S02E11 The Ninjas investigate a social media star who uses flash mobs to incite chaos; Paloma grows suspicious of the ninjas.

Watch Supah Ninjas season 2 episode 3 S02E03 Watch Now Owen Reynolds is excited to enjoy the fame brought on by a viral photo of him in his ninja suit, but before he can come forward, an impostor called the Shadow Master takes credit for the picture, stealing Owen's fifteen minutes of fame.

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I'll ask Julie tonight. Owen desperately tries to woo Isabelle, a new Junior transfer, but has no idea she's actually an undercover detective who's also pursing the Skeleton Crew.

Mike and Amanda find a note which meant "This isn't over.