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And the chemistry extends beyond the cast: How important is chicago fire dating for Cassie to keep, or maintain her sense of humor throughout this time?

It also provides me personal growth, and I really love that. A Although M-Chuck was written as more the aggressor in her relationships, I wanted to preserve her beauty and femininity as much as possible.

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You could have gone with me on that. Q What have been some of your most memorable moments from filming? We start to realize how valuable life is. Yeah, I totally agree. That will be a hair-raiser for sure!

Erica Ash plays a womanizing lesbian on Starz's "Survivor's Remorse" - AfterEllen

That just makes everybody take a really big turn. The withdrawal of consent shall not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal. See how that went full circle? She was like, well okay. We start to really question like, what is our purpose in life.

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Usher] and I, we act like we are really brother and sister. Our bond grew in that scene and established us as true brother and sister. Q You are a part of social media. Not only did I appreciate that survivor s remorse erica ash dating writing was not stereotypical both of my lesbian character and of my black family, but I loved that fact that it was funny, engaging, intelligent and very relevant.

It follows the family as they navigate the ups and downs of dealing with such a high level of success, fame and money all at once. We talk almost everyday as a group.

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I learned that from different people and so each aspect of acting has taught me dating solutions 4men thorn things…I never stop learning.

Cam, Reggie and the unforgettable group of characters that is the Calloway clan wrestle with the rewards and pitfalls of stardom, love and loyalty.

A STARZ provides a platform for our writers to freely script this show without the heavy censorship we might find at some other networks.

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And my scene with Cam in episode one was a wonderful moment for me as an actor because Jessie and I were still getting to know each other as cast mates and that scene made it tacitly clear to both of us that we would be there and support each other artistically. What would you do if your significant other, in real life, gave you a life-size sex robot?

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Cassie is considered to be the glue but you know, mommies always are. The always assertive M-Chuck will face new hurdles in Season 3, which begins Sunday, the biggest of which is her court-mandated therapy. Enable cookiesChange your cookie settings Set cookies Analytical cookies We need your personal data processed by Google Analytics to analyze the traffic on our website and, in particular, to verify that you and other users still find our site interesting and it is not losing traffic.

She is forced to do it but the things she is able to find out about herself and the spark that it ignites in her to even go deeper and go further — she could go to therapy and just sit there and not get anything from it, but she actually chooses to make the most of it.

The show from executive producers LeBron James and Tom Werner, follows Cam Calloway, a hardworking, young basketball star who is thrust into the limelight after signing a huge contract with a pro team in Atlanta.

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Kim Coleman cast the perfect family. A I was highly impressed with the script. Then I was able to just be in the moment and not be worried about the next thing or the past thing. Laughter is good for the soul so I love playing comedy. She has undying love for her family, especially her little brother Cam, and is highly loyal to and protective of them.

The show airs Sundays at 10 p. How am I able to juggle roles? Google Analytics cookies processed by Google LLC used for the purpose of analysing visitor traffic on this website. It was like running my own marathon, passing the baton to myself kind of thing. In my mind it blends together and just becomes one mass amount of work and I want to keep it separate.

Cookies Websites use cookies that have been placed on this site by its operator: And that says a lot! From business deals to relationships and friendship, the two confront the challenges of balancing the needs of family with the rewards and responsibilities generated by their newfound wealth and fame.

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Our show is intelligent and fun and funny. When I got my first TV show that was the ultimate. The difference is crazy. Then it just becomes this crazy array of projects. I see absolutely everything I am able to do as a gift. A little more humbler side of her. Cam, not so much, but everybody else was kind of just like … Especially this one over here.

Q Where can people go online to learn more about you?

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It was kind of … I was trying to get familiar with the next role during the one I was currently working on. Our family is about starting off that new new. Is this success and this new found money and fame and glory, is it worth it?

In accordance with the Privacy Act and the Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council, by clicking on the "Enable cookies" button you agree to: The Calloway re-calibration is that new new. It kind of felt like that but in a good way.

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You just had your premiere with Independence Day: There are themes in the show which by the way was written months and months ago that speak to themes that tend to resurface constantly i. What do you guys say is the new nuance to season 3? It explores a number of different themes such as benevolence vs.

Q What made you want to be a part of the show? When we first got to Atlanta, I like to say we kind of, we were just excited to be there and we were so unfamiliar with this new world and all this new money and then in the 2nd season we kind of just start to enjoy it, almost taking it for granted.

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