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With its remarkable range, up to 3.

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With up to 3. The built-in Wi-Fi can help streamline your workload, allowing you to upload and share images and data through the FLIR Tools mobile app. Thanks to the 10, x 90 pixel infrared detector, you can find hidden issues quickly and easily, and record accurate temperature measurements across your target.

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Custom-built to see through flames, the FLIR GF also features a detachable heat shield designed to reflect heat away from the camera and camera operator, providing increased protection. For the sharpest images, the truest temperatures, the most flexibility—the T is the ultimate result of five decades of infrared expertise.

Its integrated touch-screen is a snap to learn, so you can quickly get to the job of finding hidden problems, documenting repairs, and sharing images over Wi-Fi.

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This slim camera fits easily in your pocket so you can take it anywhere. The x true native resolution offers more than 76, points of temperature measurement and produces crisp, vibrant imagery, while interchangeable lenses offer complete coverage of near and distant targets.

FLIR C2 makes it more affordable than ever to add the powerful advantage of thermal imaging.

Superior Handheld Imagery And Accuracy

The E8 is fully automatic, focus-free, and built to last, so you can use it with confidence in even the most rugged environments. These infrared cameras are ideal for monitoring all types of furnaces, heaters, and boilers, particularly in the chemical, petrochemical, and utility industries. Record crisp MSX thermal images that clearly reveal electrical, mechanical, or building issues, and then keep your customers informed by sharing images through a Wi-Fi connection with the FLIR Tools mobile app.

Keep things operating safely and head off expensive downtime with this flexible, dependable thermal imaging camera.

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Gain the competitive advantage, take care of more customers, and blow them away with dramatic MSX thermal images that clearly reveal problems—from sources of energy loss and structural issues to overheating electrical and mechanical equipment.

Find hidden issues quickly, easily, and safely—without the need for direct contact with equipment—with this 10, x 90 pixel infrared resolution, focus-free camera.

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Find hidden problems, take accurate temperature readings, and confirm repairs easily, thanks to the 4, 80 x 60 pixel infrared resolution and MSX image enhancements. With itsx pixel infrared resolution and bright, 4. By providing thermal images along with accurate temperature measurements, the E5 is the ideal budget-friendly replacement for old-school IR thermometers.

The E95 has a superior spot-size ratio and is sensitive enough to detect minute temperature differences.