Check out more photos of Taeyang and Min Hyo Rin dating in Australia Check out more photos of Taeyang and Min Hyo Rin dating in Australia

Taeyang and ailee dating advice, filmography

During concert there was a talk about Taeyang's ideal type. They performed in Hawaii on October 22nd and even held a fan meeting.

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He also likes girls with long and wavy hair. And its not once or two times that she ended up deleting them. What qualities do they look for in their ideal partner?

That Sangam-dong or Jeju Island accounts was the start of him and Min Hyorin dating rumor going around.

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Among celebrities, she named Hyun Bin as someone closest to her ideal type. Taeyang is obviously madly in love, especially with how he talks about his girlfriend!

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Let's be logic, if the pics dont hint at something, why did she delete them? They three looks close.

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They look so comfortable that it might be safe to say Taeyang has lost his awkwardness around girls. Bang Yong Guk likes a girl with good morality and public etiquette. Are you sexy at night?

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She has been a fan of actor Jang Dong Gun for a long time, and often chose him as her ideal type. This is the manager that the eyewitness mentioned of man who looked like Taeyang. He would like her to look smart and innocent.

Well, it looks like they are. Check it out below: Here are some cute photos of the two captured on a date, still madly in love!

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What do you think? In the end she ended up deleted the entry.

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His ideal type is a girl who is muscular, healthy, and has dark skin. Sulli revealed that she likes guys who are dependable, like a father, and are very good at listening to her.

What was her imprudent behavior about? Ailee is a long time fan of Taeyang, and picked him as her ideal type. Chinese actress Tang Wei is his ideal type because he finds her philanthropic activities attractive.

“Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook” Offers Opportunity for Possible Taeyang-Ailee Duet Stage

It feels as if rain is softly touching my dry heart. Kangin is famous for first checking if a girl has pretty feet in order to judge her as attractive or not. He also wishes his future girlfriend would eat what he cooks deliciously.

What about your favorite idols? When asked to describe his ideal type, Sunggyu answered that he likes girls with white skin who is not too skinny. She also wants her boyfriend to be outgoing and become best friends with her.

When asked to pick her ideal type out of Infinite members, she picked Woohyun.

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Your man is in good hands with his gorgeous girlfriend. UEE used to like masculine guys who could protect her. From personality to looks, K-Pop idols can get really specific or vague about their perfect significant other.

He wants his girlfriend to have pretty toes and ankles.

Ailee (에일리) - Rainy Day - Color Coded Lyrics

Another one, Min Hyorin often uploaded questionable posts into her insta. Jay Park named various celebrities as his ideal type. She wants to be comfortable around him when they are hanging out.