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A night of drinking vodka and lemonade, especially if you're a nubie, will not give you a very good idea of what 'alcohol' in its myriad wonderful forms can be.

Gin is just nasty. Vodka tonic Seeing a trend? Good for any mood. Please keep that in mind.

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A classic of all time! In the United Statesthe standard drink contains 0. I know it's nice, and it's my favourite drink, but don't drink too much of it! This fruity cocktail tastes like the original Hurricane.

Pitcher Drinks: Serves 6-10

I'll let someone else cover that, since beer isn't my specialty. Download it for your smartphone. An animal lover, food experimenter and a happy-to-go bloke who loves to travel and discover himself. A straight shot of whisky "thrown back" in one go, like they do it in the Westerns, will definitely burn the back of your throat, and open up your nasal passages.

Do not drink on an empty stomach. Strawberry Mango Mocktail Recipe. You can graduate up to a full shot after you get used to them, and when a Britisher taught me to make 'em, his secret ingredient was an extra shot of gin right up on top.

Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Imagine drinking several tall glasses of nice acidic orange juice mixed with rubbing alcohol—that's pretty much what it tastes like. Citrus flavor, dead simple. It goes down easy, and it's a fun buzz—rather on the giddy side. Spirits are often served with non-alcoholic mixers.

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A lot of the newer gins, like New Amsterdam, lean harder on the citrus floral notes than on the traditional juniper and botanicals. Margaritas are hard to make and if you hate them they're a huge investment of time and materials that you can't really use elsewhere.

Imagine a creamy tomato soup with a little bit of tang from the yogurt, and you get the idea. You can choose from strawberry daiquiri, mojito and peach bellini. Great for kids or adults with a sweet tooth. What it does is boil it off and recondense it in a higher concentration by seperating it from a lot of the water and flavour components, depending on the still.

If your goal is simply to get wasted, go buy some grain alcohol and soak a watermelon in it for a day of two.

Punch Bowls: Serves 15+

Milk and Cookies Cocktail. Mixing the drinks yourself is a good way to stay in control. See how many units are in your favourite drinks How strong are spirits? Either make a tally sheet, or use a fresh swizzle stick to stir each new drink, and keep all your swizzle sticks for a ready count at any time.

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If you start feeling very sleepy or uncoordinated, you are drunk. I would stop there but the stupid quality bar wont let me. Hence, you set yourself up, unintentionally, for both a deeper drunk at the end, and a hangover, due to dehydration, when you might not have had one otherwise.

Try a Kir Royal. Here are the 6 best non alcoholic drinks for you to order at a bar for people who are kind enough to not let their buddies go alone but also want to keep the scale neutral by not drinking.

That's for teenagers who are breaking into their parents' liquor cabinets. How much caffeine can I drink when pregnant? Just avoid the Pina Colada flavor: Rum tastes like sugar, and works well with fruit juice and fresh fruit.