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During the course of the film, I noticed that none of the Vampires showed fangs. That's right, I said strip-a-thon.

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Overall, I personally loved "The Bloody Indulgent". However I liked the cast, the blend of Gothic and Worholian characters were some of the best I have seen in horror musical cinema, or Trash cinema. Plus the film mixes subcultures, like the stripper, the female impersonator, the indie avant garde performer, the carnies.

But the singing and humor thrown in there is organic, honest and fun.

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I finally got my chance during the Scare LA Halloween Convention when the producers decided to hold a screening. Burt heads to the spot where he gets his drugs.

The music is a mix of good and bad. Im sure some of you have no idea who that is, but I thought that was pretty damn cool!

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Was this review helpful to you? I can't really say. He also plays the part of the Vampire Hunter in the film. From The Exorcist to Sharknado.

It is all just one big mix of underground funkiness and madness. I liked it a lot. Is there a set release date?

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But there is tons of blood. Any chance of Burt reprising his role in another film? Meanwhile, the pissed off strippers enlist the help of a Vampire Hunter to kill Burt How dare they, right? There is some use of CGI but not an extreme amount.

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Oh and it's a musical too? Splatter, blood drool, blood stains.

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But someone just got attacked, lol and ends with our boy once again singing. I understand that I may be in the minority, and the film is far from perfect. This club scene was one of my favorites.

The Bloody Indulgent (2014)

What was the reasoning behind that? There are some songs on here that I could definitely find on repeat, with punk rock, energy that really amps up the story. The Bloody Indulgent Posted by.

Before continuing with this review you should know something about me. I got sucked in. It was hilariously in-sane.

Watch The Bloody Indulgent Online

And explicit, exploitative drug use, drug reference, and the situations were entertainingly kitsch. This is just one of those guilty pleasure films that is pure fun and craziness.

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We have a lot of fans dying to see this film. My thoughts went from "What. There are some scenes where the singing drags the story, or just doesn't have the same energy or "umpf" to keep the film rising to the climax.