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It's an awful stereotype that this movie tries to put across as a general truth. Seeing this, I look forward to the latter two parts of the trilogy, and only wish over the years that Spheeris had expanded her sights, and made documentaries of other, vital, forms of music in L.

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How can you possibly NOT know why you're angry!? And I would like to consider myself a fan of punk because all of these things resonate with me.

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I couldn't even watch all of it. You don't have to rely on other people and you don't have to rely on the corporations - If you want to do something, you can show people an entirely brand new way of doing it. Punk rock is very hopeful indeed. You have a kid who rants about how everyone is a "poser because they're wimpy" and when asked about why he is so angry: Though I'm not privy to the Los Angeles scene I'm from Windsor, Ontario, for crying out loudit appears to be quite an accurate depiction, although it doesn't seem to grab hold, perhaps, of the underground movement.

It's like he's never even bothered to develop an advanced thought in his entire life and never even bothers with self-reflection. They try to set themselves apart but in reality they're all a bunch of sheep.

I really hate the notion that punk people are supposed to be dumb drug addicts.

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It's about making the world a better place while living for yourself. Punk is about freethinking. I'm glad this movie opened my eyes to the reality that music is just a lie. They are the equivalent of what hipsters are to our society. The rejection of fascism and materialism for genuinity.

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That's all this documentary ever focuses on. Both freedom on the physical plane and the mental. It's a dilution of Sid Vicious and it's annoying to watch.

It is supposed to be intelligent and empowering.

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Punk is supposed to be hopeful and inspirational. The only difference is they're following a different herd, but they're still sheep nonetheless. The energy and spirit of these rebellious youths really comes across well, and the clever assertion from one of the interviewees that punk is simply another form of folk and protest music, albeit with different instruments and at a faster speed, rings true.

And what's worst of all is that they can't even explain WHY they are fighting! Punk isn't about teenage angst and beer.