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Nearby, Chester and A. This is eventually shown in the live-action movie A Fairly Odd Movie: Tootie jumps down from the tree and begins to suspect that Timmy is hiding something from her since he won't kiss her.

Timmy is reunited with Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof, who are more properly introduced to Tootie and happy to see that she and Timmy have finally gotten together.

Timmy I know you are protective of Tommy and Tammy Tootie is now Timmy's girlfriend, and is now traveling around the world with him and his fairies granting wishes for all unfortunate people in the world as a as part of the Wishful Thinking business that they started at the end of the previous live-action movie.

While talking, Tootie reveals to him her one wish is to restore the Dimmsdale Park and Dogwood to what it was when they were children and played in it together. Live Action Movies Main article: The withdrawal of consent shall not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal.

Hey mom, hey dad Tammy: Hey kids how was school? In this episode, it was established that she was the younger sister of Vicky and that she was in love with Timmy. While this happens, the effects of Magnate's wishes are reversed, and the fairies are rejuvenated, but they begin to fade away as the "Love Meter" now reads that Timmy and Tootie are in love.

The other one is Timmy and Trixie. While defending his position against possible violations of Da RulesTimmy tells Jorgen Von Strangle that the only time a girl ever liked him or kissed him was Tootie, thirteen years ago, and against his will, but she moved away and was never seen again.

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This was done by the producers to deliberately keep Timmy's future wife's identity a mystery. Timmy says his goodbyes to his fairies as they fade away back to Fairy World. Tootie's first time as a musica de noel schajris online dating character in a movie will be in the live action adaption, Grow Up, Timmy Turner!

I'm going to the school anyways Tootie: Google Analytics cookies processed by Google LLC used for the purpose of analysing visitor traffic on this website. However, it does imply that Trixie and Tootie are the only ones who really have a chance with Timmy.

Turner Family

She asks him if he wants to go get a smoothee with her, and he finally gives in. Tootie shows up at Timmy's house, where Timmy's parents are already desperately trying to marry her off to Timmy. After hearing this, Timmy tries to wish Tootie back, but soon realizes his godparents are gone also after reading a help message from them on his backpack.

I do that when the kids are in big trouble Timmy: I hate when you say that Tootie: On Christmas morning, Santa, now having recovered from his amnesia, is surprised to see that all his work has been taken care of for him, and he joins everyone for the Christmas party they were throwing.

Cosmo and Wanda begin to fear Tootie is already replacing them in Timmy's life, sense Timmy's love rising on the Love Meterand turn into humans to disrupt the dinner by pouring spaghetti and sauce all over Tootie, who politely excuses herself to the bathroom to clean up while the restaurant's waiter yells at human Cosmo and Wanda.

She finally appeared in the main series during the second season episode Boy Toy. Each time Magnate wishes for something or uses their energy, Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof are hurt and their life force is drained. Tootie some bully tried messing with Tammy and Tommy was defending her by punching him Tootie: Magnate using a bunny in a trap, which is witnessed by Cosmo and Wanda.

However, while climbing away, she is nearly hit by a laser from Magnate's robot servant, and is left dangling over a bottomless pit. The two introduced the workshop and takes them to Santa Claus. He brings both Timmy and Tootie before the Fairy Councilwhere they announce to Timmy the creation of the " Timmy Turner Loophole ", a new rule which allows Timmy to keep his fairies as long as he uses them for unselfish purposes.

Timmy kisses Tootie right after confessing his love for her.

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A Fairly Odd Movie: However, two elves called Dingle Dave and Christmas Carol tells Timmy that Santa Claus wants to see him personally as he was in big trouble and takes them to the North Pole. Marketing cookies We need your personal information processed by Google AdSense, Google DoubleClick, and Amazon Associates to personalize ads and, in particular, to ensure that the advertising on our website will be shown primarily to those users who may be interested in advertised content, services and products.

Learn more about the terms of use for cookies and the extent of their processing. Timmy and Tootie will reappear in live action again in " A Fairly Odd Summer ", continuing the story of their relationship.

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Timmy gives her a vague answer, not wanting to give away his fairies, but Tootie believes he is making excuses. Well I don't want you to go to the school. From the early summaries given of the movie, Timmy has never had a girlfriend up until the point of the movie, and Tootie has been absent from Dimmsdale for an extended time.

Timmy and Tootie ride bikes together, share a picnic, and fly a kite with Timmy getting dragged behind him by Tootie while Chester and A.

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As he recalls her, a thought bubble appears near Timmy of Tootie, in her old cartoon appearance glasses, pig-tails, and braces. Her first significant movie role is in the movie Channel Chasers where she exposed Vicky's abuse of Timmy disguised as Deep Toot.

The Turner family came home Turner are vacationing at home because their son is finally gone. Timmy then scolds Cosmo and Wanda, wishes the mess off Tootie, and then has them grant one more wish right before Tootie returns. After apologizing, Timmy tries to grant a wish that Santa has made but Cosmo and Wanda's magic turns into a blast that causes Santa to fall into the gift-making machine.

Grow Up, Timmy Turner!

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With Magnate now locked away and his female assistant turning his oil power company into a solar power company, the Dimmsdale Park is officially saved. When he emerges from the machine, it is shown that he has gotten amnesia and starts thinking he is certain other beings like the Easter Bunny.

Hey mommy, hey daddy Tootie: She yells at him to "Grow up, Timmy Turner! Cookies Websites use cookies that have been placed on this site by its operator: Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof formally welcome Tootie as part of the now extended fairy family, and together they drive and then fly off in the magic van.

To make matters worse, the whole workshop then starts shutting down because Santa is out of commission. Magnate tries to run Tootie and the tree down with a bulldozer, but Timmy interferes by wishing for it to break down.

Jorgen Von Strangle appears and tells Timmy that he now has to assume Santa's responsibilities, for it is written in Da Rules that a godchild must take over the role of a holiday icon if the godchild has harmed them to the extent that they cannot do their job.