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The next day at school, the growing tension between Tweek and Craig leads to them fighting, but it is dismissed as a lovers' quarrel, and they are given money and dismissed without punishment.

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I also liked how each boys' parents reacted differently to the "news," with Craig's dad initially shunning his son, and then slowly accepting him for "who he is" and then giving him a hundred dollars. Cupid Me then begins to express his homosexual feelings for Cartman, who syvkanten all shook up las vegas him.

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Well, as it turns out, it's not totally unrealistic. I can't justshut down on him. The Fractured But Whole.

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All the Asian girls really love to draw Yaoi fanart of Tweek and Craig. I used to think thatbeing gay was a choice, but you don't getto decide. I'm sure many a Wacom is firing up right now for that romantic pairing too.

I'm not here for me.

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You -- you made mebelieve in myself in a way I neverhave before. Clyde Donovan and his dad are seen heading inside the Yaoi Art Exhibit, which implies that Clyde himself could be bisexual.

Eventually, Craig formulates a plan for them to 'come out' so that they can break up. Production[ edit ] Prior to the airing of the episode, producers solicited viewers to submit yaoi-style fan art drawings of Tweek and Craig, which were incorporated into the episode.

Hey, kid, what do youthink you're doing here? Naturally, we later see him self-importantly telling people that it's not Asians who make people gay, but specifically the Japanese. Create New After the South Park Elementary Asian community creates yaoi art, Wendy Testaberger gives a cultural presentation on it - the only complication being that it is entirely made up of Craig and Tweek as a gay couple, some of the art being blatantly homosexual.

I thought when we broke upeverything would get better.

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Of the fanbase, complete with art submitted by them. Meanwhile, Tweek's parents and the rest of the town were ecstatic to have their first "gay kids" in South Park -- in keeping with their new ultra-PC attitude -- which, again, was great, because Tweek and Craig's romance was completely made-up.

What is that kiddoing here? Stan talks with his father Randy about his confusion over who "the Asians" arbitrarily decide to portray as gay in yaoi.

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Tweek and Craig reunite and begin holding hands together in public and playing games together, bringing joy back to the town. That said, Randy's yaoi investigation was more expository than anything else.

In a way, it kind of reminded me of Kyle caving in and "admitting" that he thought Caitlyn Jenner was stunning and brave -- except that in this case, ultimately, Tweek and Craig were better friends for letting the town believe whatever they wanted to believe, and just ignoring them.

But what started as a funny little gag gradually turned into a hilarious B story for Cartman, who repeatedly turned down Cupid Me's advances.

Tweek X Craig

While the adults, the girls and Cartman all just accept that Tweek and Craig are gay, the other boys are mostly confused about the issue. Well, I guess I couldtry and help. This episode also featured the return of Cupid Me, who popped up to shoot a few love arrows and pee in some mouths, just for fun.

Retrieved October 29, During the ending montage, a few people watch the titular now-couple play Assassins Creed.

What happened?

Heck, I didn't even knowDon King got raped, but I do know thatif you try and resist it, you make yourself miserableyour whole life. It's a tale as old as time: I can do more than I think. I was just being selfish. Maybe it's not so wrong. The pictures shown are all manga-style drawings of Tweek and Craig engaged in homoerotic and homosexual activity, and the gang is confused at this.

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Syndicate at the end of the episode. An In-Universe example; Tweek claims he's a terrible actor and that it's way too much pressure, but with Craig's encouragement, he not only put on an amazing show, but does some improvisation that gets everyone's sympathy at Craig's expense.

Oh, now youneed me, huh? When calling the President of the Republic of China to learn more about yaoi, Randy mishears his talk about the Rape of Nanking and, when conveying the information he learned to the rest of the adults, proceeds to tell them about "the rape of Don King.

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I don't understandthis stuff.