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3 hydraulic hose hook up, Hydraulic hose hook up – Seed Hawk TOOLBAR 2012 User Manual

The hydraulic motor on the deck is powered by a hydraulic motor pump connected to the tractor's PTO shaft. The three cylinders are solenoid activated from the tractor seat with momentary push buttons on the control stick.

The other pump gave more force. If your tractor has about 6 hyd GPM's, that would be at around psi. The response time with solenoid and independent controlled cylinders is faster than tractor controlled cylinders.

Section 2: Hydraulic Set-up Options

Install a hyd gage and check the relief valve. How is a 2 stage hydraulic pump hooked up? Just make sure your BH in preforming within specs.

From looking at the numbers again. GPM's represent speed of operation.

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If gauge wheels are mounted on the deck, the solenoid valve block must also include two float valves poppet valves so that "ARM 2" and "Deck Pivot" cylinders can float with the deck as it is carried by the gauge wheels. When I go to town, I'll get a pressure guage and check it.

Pressure dictates the force.

Here's the link to the pump I bought. I could be wrong as I'm not sure exactly what those numbers mean.

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The cylinders are solenoid activated with momentary push buttons on the control stick. If gauge wheels are included, "ARM 2" and "Deck Pivot" control levers must be capable of being placed in float position. I wasn't thinking to do research before I bought it.

Two-stage hydraulic pump

So I don't know how many gpms it is or how much pressure it puts out. Therefore, the operator might want to consider going with solenoid controlled cylinders or independent controlled cylinders when frequent changes to deck positioning are required.

I'm gonna buy another new pump later this time knowing how much pressure and gpms it puts out. Refer to Figure on page With this arrangement, the breakaway cylinder is coupled directly to a duplex outlet at the tractor and operated with the tractor's hydraulic control lever. It works for now on the backhoe but will use it later on the loader project.

Your tractor probably has enough hydraulics for the BH.

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If the BH calls on the pump for more power, the pump shifts down to high pressure at about psi, and 2 to 3 GPM's. Solenoid Control Refer to Figure on page A flow control valve mounted on the cutter frame regulates oil flow through the solenoid valve block.

Even though a two stage will give you increased volume, the pressure is only about psi.