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I used to say 'thats rite honey' for fun to kevinwoo91 n call him?? Yes I did I love you How old are you?

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He acted in a total of 26 shows, his last stage coming on February 14, Oh she can see Please keep supporting us and help us rank first on the Oricon chart. Kevin havent had his first love cuz he started training at an early age so he havent had any chance Kevin had a crush in his school days and he confessed to that girl before he went to korea kevin gave a message to his CRUSH in highschool at pops in seoul.

I'm 21 years old too! Kevin usuall talks to her on phone. No official report has explained the issue. When Kevin received the news, he stated: After auditioning in Korea during a holiday trip, he was scouted[ by whom?

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Have you eaten your dinner already? Yes, it's good I couldn't wait for this day to come I have a surprise for you Hang on a sec The chocolate came Newly divorced single mom dating don't have to say that! Their appearances lasted from April to June Kevin sleeps on his side and hugs a teddy bear when he sleeps!

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Dongho to Soohyun - What are you saying to her?! His paternal uncle is Emmanuel Woo, [4] who is an actor and classical singer in Germany.

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Kevin is not good at math. Let It Be by Beatles was the 1st song that kevin sang in a large crowd.

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Kevin loses to Rock Paper Scissors Game easily! Kevin wants to be the main character of Boys Over Flowers! Kevin never leaves his u kiss kevin dating history without his camera same with Alexander.

MP3 is always on kevin's bag.

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Hang on Hang on You didn't give him a chance I haven't done my part yet Calm down everybody Calm down Anyhow let's start with you guys talking And then the waiter will come when the timing is good Sorry about that Please act as if you are in a drama Do it properly!

I just did it before! Fans were surprised when they did not appear in the drama. Girls with soft hands, who can carry him [take it as a joke], who would not hurt his feelings, older than him Kevin's ideal girl is a cute and lively girl and a girl with smiling eyes.

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I'm Ayumi I think she's feeling nervous Can you guys talk about something to relax her? Kevin Woo is a Christian. He attended Monte Vista High School and was in the school choir.

Early life[ edit ] Kevin was born and raised in Danville, California[3] where he lived with his parents and elder sister. Confusing Kevin, you're just nervous aren't you?

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Kevin didnt experience wearing a uniform in his school days. Dongho said that the color represents Kevin's personality? It's dangerous to be outside at this time So Ayumi, since it's Valentine's Day today did you give anybody chocolate today?

Kevin's sister, Deanna Woo, is 3 years older than him kevin's sister is named Deanna who is currently living in america They debuted on August 15, in Japan at the Power of Atamix.

Yes Are you having fun?

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His father is a CF director while his mother is a fashion mode. Highlight text to annotate it X Hello? The group released their first mini albumN-Generation, on September 3, Kevin is very loving and caring to others.

I thought you pick your nose! Jung Ju Ri's face 2. It was used in the soundtrack of the drama series Syndrome.

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Kevin was the last original member of Xing that left the group The happiest moment of kevin was when he debuted as a singer!

Sorry he's a bit strange Well maybe a bear might come out, right? Okay so I'll say my line again Ayumi, please accept my feelings for you Yes What?

U kiss Kevin

Ayumi I love you Kevin - Ayumi, where are you now? If an opportunity comes, Kevin would like to try acting! LOL In an interview kevin said his the closest to kibum among his mates, unfortunately kibum hates him the most. Countdown 's special global edition in Taiwan. Kevin is satisfied with his looks!

Kevin said he's weight is 54 kg. I would defeat a beast Kevin likes basketball, badminton, taekwondo, and soccer but he's no good with it Rain Bi was kevin's inspiration 2 have his dream as a singer.

Ayumi, is this okay? Kevin is the member who doesnt wash up that much! Yes Kevin are you ready? Oh yes, at home then Where else would she be at this time? Kevin's Steak is really important I don't think it's about the food [Explaining Kevin's date] Who's going to be the waiter?

He saw Rain performed in america and started dreaming to be a singer Kevin's fantasy kiss is a kiss in the eye. Kevin has a facebook account but it's on private, he only accepts his friends and family. Yes, it's fun Is the steak good? Kevin can do poppin' dance, guitar, piano, speak in English and of course ,sing Kevin wanted to try skydiving kevin likes action movies Kevin prays before he eats Kevin eats slowly and eats a lot Kevin eats Pizza with kimchi kevin loves ddeokbokkgi and spicy foods.

When kevin was young, his sister always scolds at him like "Go To Sleep!