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Whoever invents or discovers any new and useful process, machine, manufacture, or composition of matter, or any new and useful improvement thereof, may obtain a patent therefor, subject to the conditions and requirements of this title.

The rapid penetration test provides a simple and quick method to evaluate static stability indirectly by measuring the penetration of a specific cylinder into the SCC placed in the slump cone before conducting the slump test.


A machine is a concrete thing, consisting of parts or of certain devices and combinations of devices. This decision tree provides Figure B Several empirical test methods have been developed and used to evaluate the workability properties of SCC.

If the invention as set forth in the written description is statutory, but the claims define subject matter that is not, the deficiency can be corrected by an appropriate amendment of the claims.

Comparing the predicted MOE using the revised equa- tion with the measured MOE for SCC mixtures with different aggregate types indicated that the aggregate source factor K1 should be taken as 1.

This is calculated as follows: Practical Application by Physical Transformation? Likenesses do not necessarily imply current client, partnership or employee status.

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CLS Bank International, et al. I have been selected to speak on Myriad II, and look forward to hearing from the other presenters. Therefore, a development length modification factor of 1. Prior to focusing on specific statutory requirements, USPTO personnel must begin examination by determining what, precisely, the applicant has invented and is seeking to patent, and how the claims relate to and define that invention.

For example, SCC mixtures with an initial slump flow of 30 in. However, the additional dosages of HRWRA may have a negative effect on the entrained air content and, therefore, should be carefully observed. Q significa te amo yahoo dating manufacture is the production of articles for use from raw or prepared materials by giving to these materials new forms, qualities, properties or combinations, whether by hand labor or by machinery.

See also MPEP If the applicant asserts that a term has a meaning that conflicts with the term s artaccepted meaning, USPTO personnel should encourage the applicant to amend the claim to better reflect what applicant intends to claim as the invention.

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The Interim Guidance Supersedes The March 4, 2014 Guidance

For processes, the claim limitations will define steps or acts to be performed. The Office action should clearly communicate the findings, conclusions and reasons which support them. In evaluating whether a claim meets the requirements of sectionthe Supreme Court requires that the claim be considered as a whole to determine whether it is for a particular application of an abstract idea, rather than for the abstract idea itself.

It is inappropriate to dissect the claims into old and new elements and then to ignore the presence of the old elements in the analysis. If a claim is directed to a plurality of judicially recognized exception and fails the eligibility under at least one exception, the claim is ineligible, and no further eligibility analysis is needed.

While I do not believe that the Interim Guidance is inconsistent with the Myriad II decision, applicants with primer or method claims similar to those at issue in Myriad II may want to consider the impact of that case.

Product claims are claims that are directed to either machines, manufactures or compositions of matter. The final target workability is used in proportioning SCC mix as presented in the next section. Different levels of PA might be needed based on the geometry of the component, level of reinforcement intensity and spacing, and method of placement.

C If the examiner does not find such a practical application, the examiner has determined that the claim is nonstatutory.


This is a critical characteristic of the mixture when it is used in highly congested reinforced structures. Classes of SCC workability properties and their definitions for cast-in-place bridge components. The col- umn segregation test is suitable for laboratory use to determine the potential static segregation of a SCC mixture by measuring the difference in coarse aggregate content in the top and bot- tom portions of a vertical cylindrical specimen that simulates SCC in a vertical form.

In other words, if the specification discloses a practical application of a judicial exception, but the claim is broader than the disclosure such that it does not require a practical application, then the claim must be rejected.

To hold otherwise would allow a competent draftsman to evade the recognized limitations on the type of subject matter eligible for patent protection. For cast-in-place bridge components, the target day compressive strength usually ranges from 4 ksi to 6 ksi, and the target air content usually ranges from 4.

Collection of Information

The previously issued guidelines relating to these subjects had resulted in a great deal of uncertainty about the appropriate standard for examination of pending patent applications.

Two levels of FA are recommended for cast-in-place bridge components: A B C adequate written description, enablement, and best mode.

These targets, in addition to any other requirements in the proj- ect specifications, shall be checked for each trial batch prior to concrete production in the plant setting. The three-digit identification shown at the bottom of the tree represents the target workability with respect to filling ability FAsegrega- tion resistance SRand passing ability PA classes respec- tively.


Accordingly, a complete definition of the scope of 35 U. Therefore, a modification factor of 0. Nor can one patent a novel and useful mathematical formula, Flook, U. But this is only how the computer does what it does.