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Wide colour range Coloured window frames and doors are a reflection of your individual style. It is available for Veka Softline 70 white and color profile.


There is a major advantage by using this option, because you no longer need to do repairs around the new frame. Special fittings, security glazing and handles can be added to make VEKA profiles even more burglar resistant.

Even standard windows made with VEKA profiles significantly reduce external noise, and are upgradeable to conform to the lowest sound transmission class. Heat transfer coefficient for the profile is rated at 1.

The system SOFTLINE 82 platform offers the optimum basic assembly width allowing to use effectively the power effective veka softline 82 online dating conforming modern to requirements in the field of energy saving both in new constructions and in the buildings which are exposed to renovation.

Choose from our classic white or colored portfolios, veka softline 82 online dating interesting details like Georgian bars,or incorporate special forms auslandskrankenversicherungen testsieger dating round or arched windows, triangular, gable or bay window constructions.

The extremely reliable gaskets is a high-performance barrier against cold and droughts. The new system offers own stvorochny geometry considering features of 4 wire dryer hook up samsung led of technology of gluing in of a double-glazed window in a shutter.

The processors using this decision have thereby a number of new opportunities for safety of productions and quality of ready windows.


In order to make your home that comfortable haven, many details have to be just right. Class A profiles perfectly protect against heat loss and noise and also increase the stability and durability of windows.

With a portfolio of over 30 different colours and wood finishes, we offer individual solutions for every taste and house type. The 82 mm installation depth, multi-chamber thermal insulation and advance sealing have a tremendous impact on energy consumption — and make your house a great place to live in any season.

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The possibilities are endless — express your own personal style. Energy-efficient windows for passive houses Excellent thermal insulation performance has been achieved through the use of 7-chambers, 82mm installation depth of profile.

Home is where we forget the stresses of our working day and relax. The joy of form You do not buy windows off the rail. Stability and thermal insulation Softline 82 satisfies the most demanding safety, insulation and functional requirements.

They light up the interior, protect your from wind, weather and noise and ensure your living environment is just how you want it to be — any time of the year.

The timelessly classic lines and slightly rounded contours of the SOFTLINE system blend in perfectly with all architectural styles, whether modern or traditional, newly built or renovated.

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Veka Softline 82 Series With heating costs on the rise, house owners are increasingly looking for energy saving solutions. VEKA Softline 82 is the complex system consisting of more than 40 new geometrical decisions.

Valuable investment New windows are a worthwhile investment which increases the value of your property. Special fittings, security glazing and handles can be fitted according to customer requirements to make VEKA profiles burglary-resistant.

The new profile VEKA system - Softline 82 is the innovative development allowing to project and make already today the windows conforming to high requirements of tomorrow.


Perfect atmosphere The excellent insulating properties of VEKA profiles minimize the temperature differences in your living space and ensure maximum comfort in your home. Read the article on our blog: Certifications From March we have successfully implemented quality assurance standards ISOand the ISO environmental management systems in our company.

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Veka windows - competitive price To manufacture our Veka windows we work with carefully selected polish manufacturers. High quality window hardware and deep mounting of glazing unit ensures that windows are extremely robust and resistant to weather and mechanical damage.

Wing width is 35mm or 65mm, but other sizes are possible, according to customer needs. Colour range Coloured window frames and doors are a reflection of your individual character. They are easy to clean and never need to be painted.

Product Highlight

Insulating glass of 52 mm thick, with a low transfer coefficient can be fitted only on SL 82, transforming the windows into a perfect thermal barrier, optimized for passive houses.

Write to the seller Description Today energy saving properties of windows have the increasing value. Increased your safety Depending on their position and accessibility, windows have to fulfill all kinds of security requirements.

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SL 82 is characterized by unparalleled performance in terms of thermal efficiency. Their reliable sealings are a high-performance barrier against cold and droughts. This applies to new buildings as well as sophisticated refurbishment projects.

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Thickness of profile walls is impressive 3mm. We have experience in the production of windows with arches and triangular, trapezoidal and round windows. Besides, developments of VEKA fully consider standards for secondary processing and the maximum profitability in processing without compromises in area of quality.

This means you need less heating, enabling you to save on energy costs.

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Use of additional articles of the mm VEKA systems provides full freedom at the choice of a configuration of a window. This allows us to apply "CE" markings on our windows and doors.

And the technology inside is a perfect match: Solutions for quick restoration and clean work Now, the Z type window frame is available in stock. They come in a huge range of frame and casement profiles with a complete line of accessories, giving you full creative freedom in realizing your ideas.

Best noise insulation Noise exposure is more than just an annoyance, it can damage your health. This classification confirms the thickness of the outer wall of the profiles of 3 mm with a tolerance of 0. Want to know more about passive houses?

Despite high energy-efficiency parameters the lowered frame profile ensures optimum illumination of the room. All articles are executed in strict accordance with requirements of a class A of the RAL standard, concerning both faultless optics of a window, and its functional properties.

They are individually made products of craftsmanship, tailored to blend in perfectly with the architecture of your house.

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It reduces energy consumption and keeps your heating costs low.