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There are two accounts to this. Some myths say that he "forgot" her, others that Dionysus ordered him to do it. When he was walking by Ariadne, the princess of Crete, she fell in love with him and went to Dedalus to find out how he could escape from the Labyrinth.

No, he did not. There is no reliable record of his birth, although he was of noble lineage and became a knight in the kingdom of Portugal. He dreamt that she would marry a god. She followed Theseus on his journey back towards Athens. What happens between Theseus and Ariadne?

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What happened to ariadne? But Dionysus found her and married her. In Greek myth Ariadne is not a god, but the daughter of king Minos of Crete. What did Ariadne do for Theseus? Theseus married Phaedra, the sister of Ariadne. The was the creatrix, she was the top dog in the mythologies until the Sky gods pushed her out of the way, and in later myths she was diminished to King Minos daughter, not even divine.

It is generally agreed, however, that she represents an earlier Cretan mother-goddess. In Theseus and the minotaur what happend to Ariadne? She had I believe three sons and lived happily ever after as a goddess.

Was Ariadne a Greek goddess?

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What is the present meaning of the thread of Ariadne? What is the thread of ariadne? Ariadne's threadnamed for the legend of Ariadne, is the term used to describe the solving of a problem with multiple apparent means of proceeding - such as a physical maze, a logic puzzle, or an ethical dilemma - through an exhaustive application of logic to all available routes.

After Theseus abandoned her on Naxos, the god Dionysus came to her and married her. Then with Peridone he had Melanippus.

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The solving of a problem with multiple apparent means of proceeding- such as a physical maze, a logic puzzle, or a ethical dilemma -through an exhaustive application of logic to all available routes. What did Ariadne give to Theseus?

Did theseus marry Ariadne? One is that he left her on the harbor of an island when she was sleeping. They spent the night on the island of Naxos, then Theseus sailed on, forgetting that he had left Ariadne behind.

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I am not sure of what, but she was. Answer Ariadne from a Cretan-Greek form for arihagne, "utterly pure" was a fertility goddess of Crete, and was the first divine personage of Greek mythology to be immediately recognized in Crete.

Some say that he wanted to marry her sister Phaedra more than her. Ariadne was the daughter of king Minos.

Ariadne Diaz

On his way back to his father, she was not with him. Meaning of the thread of ariadne?

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She helped Theseus defeat the Minotaur by giving him a sword and a ball of thread. Another is that she got off the ship herself and the wind blew Theseus's ship away from the island so he was unable to return. Theseus went to the island of Crete to combat the Minotaur in the Labryinth built by Dedalus the architect.

Ariadne held one end, Theseus unrolled the yarn as he proceeded into the labyrinth, killed the Minotaur, rolled up the yarn and found himself back with Ariadne.

Whatever the case, he abandoned her and married Phaedra, and Dionysus married Ariadne. She gave him a ball of yarn to tie to the beginning so he could find his way out again.

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She wasn't just a "fertility" goddess, she was THE Goddess. Why did Theseus desert Ariadne on Naxos? She was born in Mexico. She gave Theseus a ball of golden cord to navigate his way through the labyrinth.