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The week that all the auditions happened, he called me Saturday and by Wednesday, we were in rehearsal.

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It was insane, bahlsen bruchware online dating off, for me to think that I was in this film. So I kind of knew what I was walking into.

And then I have one choreographed dance, which is a line dance. Ziah colon dating site you feel any intimidation or major pressure as you were doing the role?

Do you plan to continue to dance after this as a hobby or something? Just out of curiosity, how do you pronounce your last name? I would love to. I hope the audience has as much fun watching it as we had making it.

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Were you a dancer prior to taking on this role, or did you have to learn it while doing the movie? According to our records, Ziah Colon is possibly single.

They made a good movie and I hope people give it a chance. Something went wrong, please try again. The people who are freaking out are people that it was so important to their childhood or them as a teenager. I kind of had to learn it while doing it. We kept the essence of her and because I had seen the movie so many times, I wanted to keep the essence of Rusty.

Not while I was doing it. I had already seen Footloose a billion times before.

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Plus, get free weekly content and more. But it all happened so fast. They had auditioned in L. It does have its differences.

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We were all fresh faces and we were all had a good time with each other. Who knows what they want at that age? I worked really hard at it, but I am not a professional dancer. So I was very familiar with it.

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It was afterward that I had the realization. A lot of love went into it and I think you can see that through the movie. So you play the role that Sarah Jessica Parker played in the original movie? Ziah immediately enrolled in acting classes. She appeared in a series of regional commercials until Hollywood came south and a number of productions began filming in Georgia.


Yes, I have two other dances. Fans are choking up over Demi Lovato's latest single 'Sober', where she confesses that she has recently broken her sobriety. We Got This Covered: Are they going to call for tryouts?

Right away Ziah landed small roles on television shows such as Army Wives and Drop Dead Diva, but it was her movie debut as "Rusty" in the remake of Footloose that changed the course of her career.

It was a shock and it still is.

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And then there are some people I know who have never even seen Footloose or knew who Kevin Bacon was when I asked them. There was just a lot of chemistry on and off the set.

View all Ziah Colon pictures Description: Would you like to play Rusty Rodriguez? He and the casting director were two of my biggest cheerleaders and it was pretty amazing.

So you have one choreograph dance in the movie. How did you get involved in this movie? I was an Atlanta actor and I got an audition for it. Rusty is mainly just bopping to music, not necessarily the hardcore dance.

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She began acting in her teens at the urging of her very supportive parents who saw passion, determination and that "something special" in their little girl. It was that kind of movie.

Check out what she had to say below. While simultaneously attending university, she secured an agent and began working to earn her big break, something not easily achieved in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Kigatilar 4 Comments Steel Stacks has the Arts Quest Art center featuring dinner service and performing arts, the Levitt Pavilion featuring fifty free family concerts each. We celebrate the original.

Craig wanted an authentic southern girl and he wanted her to be Latin. We definitely celebrate it, but it does have its own identity. So you were a fan of Footloose before being cast in the remake? Seeing and hearing Starcrawler live is an experience that will leave you speechless and will enliven your senses.

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I just have rhythm by default. I had never taken a dance class. How does it feel to be in a role originally done by her? I had just the usual audition process. Rusty was the very last piece of the puzzle.